In recognition of February’s designation as Black History Month, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Buffalo Soldiers will pay homage to the 19th century African-American military unit’s unique heritage through living history programs this month. The Buffalo Soldiers, who got their name from the Plains Indians because the African-... Read more
Charles Ingram and Robert Webster were neighbors in Florida, but friends said the two older men had little love for each other and often quarreled. On a spring day in 2010, the two men, both gun enthusiasts who had state permits to carry concealed weapons, got into another argument... Read more
A large chunk of hairy meat is pulled from a cougar’s stomach, as students from West-Mont Montessori school guess what the one-year old feline’s last meal was. Children forgot about the rank smell as they peered in closer, guessing “deer,” “rabbit,” and “sheep.” One boy guessed correctly with his... Read more
The hunt is on for hogs in the Panhandle. “We fly around and shoot hogs out of the helicopter,” Shane Williams, Chief Pilot for Cedar Ridge Aviation said. Williams and his partner Dustin Johnson work from a ranch south of Paducah. They’ve flown all over the state hunting feral... Read more
Mule deer numbers are declining in Southwest Colorado, with populations near Groundhog Reservoir and Mesa Verde National Park suffering the largest declines. Trends for the past 15 years show a consistent drop in estimated populations in the region. Fly-over surveys, fawn-to-doe ratios, hunting data and on-the-ground observations are used... Read more
AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — State law enforcement officials said Monday that a bill that would ban BB guns and non-firing replica firearms in schools is necessary to protect students from potential tragedies, but opponents contend it is too broad and would do little to improve school safety. Supporters of... Read more
Lake Palestine produced its second Toyota ShareLunker in less than a year Saturday when Casey Laughlin of Rowlett pulled in a 13.22-pound bass while fishing a Media Bass tournament. Initially weighed at 13.02 pounds by tournament officials, the fish came in at 13.22 pounds when reweighed on the official... Read more
If you’ve spent much time chatting with firearms aficionados, there’s a good chance you’ve heard one of them weigh in on carrying a .45 caliber self-defense pistol versus investing in one chambered for nine-millimeter rounds. Nine-millimeter nuts brag about the number of rounds their weapons can carry. Most full-sized... Read more