Half ton hammerhead caught from beach
PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. – Peter Buban is a big guy who has a big fish story to tell. While fishing in Palm Beach County recently, he felt a tug on the line. “We just saw the reel start screaming, and I jump, I put up my harness and... Read more
Lion saves calf from another lion (Must see video!)
In what has to be one of the most interesting amateur wildlife video clips I have ever seen, a lion saves  what looks like a wildebeest calf from the attack of another lion. Check this out. Read more
n a West Texas prairie of cactus and mesquite, Riley Sawyers sprays gasoline fumes into a narrow crevice in the ground, hoping to drive slumbering rattlesnakes to the surface. His equipment isn’t fancy, just a common pesticide canister attached to a long, thin copper tube. The smell of gasoline... Read more
More gun purchases are being approved after federal background checks under the Obama administration than the previous presidential tenures of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, The Washington Times reported. Figures obtained by the newspaper reveal that nearly everyone who applies for a gun from a federally licensed dealer and is... Read more
Did you know gray foxes can climb? These little creatures are actually pretty good at scaling trees, especially those with slanted trunks like the live oak. Two weeks ago, I filmed and photographed a beautiful young gray fox in a tree. Here’s one of the shots. Chester Moore, Jr. Read more
HOUSTON (CNN/KPRC) — In one Texas community, people say they are concerned about mysterious animal that’s been spotted in the area. Some are calling it the “chupacabra,” but before you roll your eyes, there may be a legitimate explanation for this mythical animal. The paw prints along the Buffalo... Read more
A father and son who operate a large potato farm in northern Wisconsin have agreed to pay $100,000 in restitution in connection with the poisoning deaths of more than 70 wild animals, including at least two bald eagles. Alvin C. Sowinski, 65, and Paul A. Sowinski, 46, of the... Read more
The Department of Homeland Security plans to purchase 75.1 million rounds of ammunition at a cost of $22.7 million this year, according to a newly released report from the Government Accountability Office. GAO reports that DHS has over 70,000 firearm-carrying personnel and that the ammo purchases go largely to... Read more