WATCH: Grouper Won’t Take No for an Answer
If there is one fish that seems to have an utter disdain for humans, it’s the grouper. Large or small, groupers are about as polite as a hungry warthog and will think little of giving you a hard nip if you get too close. This group of divers learned... Read more
Cat-eating Monitor Lizards Invade Florida, Officials Ask Public for Help
They are large, they are hungry, and they have been in Florida since at least the early 1990s. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), Nile monitor lizards have breeding populations in at least three counties and have been sighted across the state. On warm days,... Read more
Black Rhino Extinct? Texas Hunter Corey Knowlton Pays $350k To Kill A Rhino And Save The Species
Is the black rhino extinct? The western black rhino became officially extinct in 2013, but now a Texas hunter named Corey Knowlton has won the right to kill a different sub-species of the black rhino and bring it home to the United States as a trophy. While killing the... Read more
Texas oyster competitors spar over Galveston Bay reef lease
GALVESTON, Texas (AP) — The Texas oyster industry is in the middle of a turf war. What’s at stake is one company’s claim to some 23,000 acres of land at the bottom of Galveston Bay. Oysterman Tracy Woody knew his company’s effort to purchase the exclusive right to dredge... Read more
Large Alligator Jumps On Alabama Dock & Eats Dog
Hungry reptiles don’t distinguish between humans and animals when it sees a prey as its next meal. Just weeks after a crocodile was seen by horrified British tourists eating a man while they were on a cruise on a river in Zimbabwe in March, a 100-pound dog was the... Read more
Have You Ever Seen an Albino Tortoise?
Albino tortoises and turtles are unique among albino animals in that they are not relatively rare, and are able to survive pretty well in the wild due to their tough shells. Unlike other species, albino tortoises and turtles also seem to cope better with any health problems associated with... Read more
Open Carry Bill Derailed on Texas House Floor
*Editor’s note: This story was updated after House Bill 910 was sent back to the Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee. A technical error on Tuesday delayed the Texas House debate on legislation that would allow gun owners with concealed weapons permits to carry their handguns openly in public... Read more
WATCH: Man Shoots Armadillo, Bullet Ricochets and Hits Mother-in-law
Are armadillos bulletproof? A freak accident in Lee County, Georgia has law enforcement asking that very question after a local man shot one of the critters, only to have the ricochet hit his mother-in-law. According to WALB, the shooting happened on Sunday when Larry McElroy fired his 9x19mm pistol at an... Read more