Quiz: Do You Know Everything There is to Know about Glocks?
Few firearms are as well-known as the Glock pistol. The polymer-framed, semiautomatic pistol is considered by some to be a massive step forward for handguns, and by others as an ugly gun with all the aesthetics of a brick. No matter where you stand, it is hard to deny... Read more
Recalls again bedevil a range of brands and models
Seems like it’s that time again.  Numerous vehicle manufacturers are recalling vehicles — many late model varieties — due to problems.  Some are familiar with expanded coverage, while others are new. Acura/Honda — Honda this week announced a global recall for some vehicles for a defect in the radar... Read more
Russian bear mauls woman, covers her up to eat her later (VIDEO)
A Russian woman was attacked by bear that mauled her, then buried her to be eaten later, authorities said. Natalya Pasternak, a 55-year-old postal worker and the mother of two, had been hiking with her dog and a friend in the eastern Amur region when the dog began barking,... Read more
Experts: recent rains end worst of years-old Texas drought
DALLAS — Recent heavy rains have helped Texas emerge from the worst of the years-long drought. The U.S. Drought Monitor on Thursday indicated Texas, for the first time since mid-2012, is no longer in the “exceptional drought” category. That’s the most dire of five drought designations on the weekly... Read more
Pasadena police officers capture alligator, release it to TPWD (VIDEO)
While most people were asleep Wednesday morning, officers with the Pasadena Police Department were handling a big alligator. After they caught him, the gator was released to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Source: KPRC Read more
Negligent Discharge Wounds Four
In specific, this is a hybrid IWB holster from Alien Gear, and is designed to be used for concealed carry. You’ll note that the trigger area is fully enclosed within a rigid polymer shell, which helps protect the world from idiotic incidents like this: According to the police department, the... Read more
Scientists Discover First-ever Warm-blooded Fish
A new study by scientists at NOAA Fisheries has revealed the world’s first fully warm-blooded fish, but it is not a newly discovered species. In fact, the fish is one that is already well-known to anglers—the opah, or moonfish as it is commonly called. In a press release on... Read more
TPWD Temporarily Closes Alligator Gar Fishing in Trinity River Downstream of Dallas
AUSTIN — Due to flooding conditions on the Trinity River, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is temporarily prohibiting fishing for alligator gar in portions of the river between the Highway 31 Bridge near Trinidad and the Highway 7 Bridge near Crockett. TPWD Executive Director Carter Smith issued the... Read more