Ram 1500 is Fleet Truck of the Year and Consumer Guide Best Buy
It’s been a good fall for the team at Ram, as the 1500 continues to rack up awards. Don’t disregard the first award because you don’t have a fleet of trucks at your disposal — the jury at Automotive Fleet Magazine are looking for the same things as a... Read more
Potential World Record Spotted Bass Released in California
A professional angler in California may have caught the world’s largest spotted bass, but the record may have quite literally slipped through his fingers. Paul Bailey was fishing with Matt Newman in an unnamed California lake recently when he caught a large 11-pound, four-ounce spotted bass. Read full story... Read more
The 10 Most Annoying Things for Deer Hunters
Deer season is when it all happens. Many hunters spend all year salivating at the thought of venison chili and backstraps, while others savor the thought of those calm early mornings on the treestand. However, like most things in life, not everything can be perfect. Read full story at... Read more
9 Gifts for the Big Game Hunter on Your List
Hunting deer and other big game is one of the greatest challenges a hunter can undertake. Buying gifts for the big game hunter in your life can also be pretty challenging. There are so many great options out there, it’s hard to pick the right gift. Read full story... Read more
El Nino Ushers in Weird Waterfowling – Observe & Adapt for Waterfowl Success
With regular waterfowl hunting seasons well underway in the northern states and poised to kick off in the south, at least two things are clear: There are plenty of ducks, and weird weather is already affecting local and continental waterfowl migrations. Buckets of Birds Smile, wildfowlers. According to the... Read more
Ford unveils 2017 Super Duty
It’s always a red-letter day when Ford takes the cover off a new truck. Historically they like to do it in Texas where they know it will be fully appreciated, and this year was no exception. This is a heavy-duty truck that is breaking a lot of the rules.... Read more
10 Great Holiday Gifts for the Ice Fisher in Your Life
Anglers are a pretty easy lot to buy gifts for. There are a lot of options, many of which are affordable. You would be hard-pressed to not be able to find the right gift this holiday season. Read full story at OutdoorHub.com Read more
New State Law Confirms Those Licensed to Carry in Texas Are Allowed in City Hall
The city of Austin is violating state law by prohibiting licensed concealed handgun carriers inside City Hall, according to the Texas governor’s office. A memo issued Oct. 9 by Gov. Greg Abbott’s legal team claims licensed concealed handgun carriers cannot be prevented from entering multipurpose government buildings as part... Read more