Prospects Good for Spring Turkey Hunting
AUSTIN – With a good mixture of mature gobblers and fearless young toms to challenge hunters, this year’s spring turkey season holds plenty of promise, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Spring turkey hunting gets under way this weekend, March 14-15, with the special youth-only weekend season... Read more
State of Texas Officials: Avoid seafood that smells like chemicals
HOUSTON – The Texas Department of State Health Services says that recreationally caught fish and shellfish that do not smell like chemicals should be safe to eat. The DSHS has not closed any areas to the harvesting of fish, shrimp or crabs after the collision in the ship channel.... Read more
German Hunter Single-handedly Takes Down Group of Boars (VIDEO)
Franz Albrecht Oettingen of Germany considers wild boar one of his favorite game animals—which is extremely unfortunate for the pigs. In this video taken from a driven boar hunt, Otettingen uses his .300 Win Mag rifle to great effect as he expertly drops boar after boar with unerring precision. Considered... Read more
Dustin Ellermann’s Bacon Supressor Video Goes Viral
By now most of you have seen Texas Fish & Game Firearms Editor Dustin Ellermann’s video of him cooking bacon on an M16 with a suppressor.  This week the video grabbed national attention and was featured on various news outlets like Fox News and the Blaze as well as... Read more
Louisiana Angler Catches Alligator Snapping Turtle on Rod and Reel
For most anglers, the appearance of an alligator snapping turtle often means that your fish is about to be stolen. For David Nero of Grand Coteau, however, it just means a change in bait. According to the Opelousas Daily World, the angler caught a huge 120-pound snapping turtle from the waters of... Read more
2 Children Attacked By Coyote In Colorado Springs
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – A hunt is under way in Colorado Springs for a coyote that attacked two children in a park last Thursday. The attacks happened in Goose Gossage Park in broad daylight with a lot of people around. A coyote nipped a 4-year-old, but the child isn’t... Read more
Gator Stalks Florida Golf Course
Visitors to Myakka Pines Golf Club in Englewood, Florida got a surprise last week when an alligator decided to show up on the green. It is not unusual for the club’s members to occasionally spot a gator near the course—the nearby swamps are believed to hold hundreds of the... Read more
Deer Collision Sends Longboarder Skidding down Road (VIDEO)
Longboarder Jared Henry probably wasn’t expecting a deer to knock him right off his board, but this athlete decided to roll with it. Henry was filming a brand video for Fayettechill Clothing Company in the Ozarks when he discovered a sudden need for his safety equipment. Fayettechill Clothing Company wrote in... Read more