What to do if You Encounter an Alligator
HOUSTON (KHOU) — Recent rains and flooding have alligators moving into areas they usually avoid. On Sunday afternoon, family members on a fishing outing survived a frightening ordeal when an alligatorattacked a father and son in Lake Charlotte near Wallisville. In this case, authorities said a 13-year-old boy was... Read more
Gay Marriage Ruling Paves The Way for Concealed Carry National Reciprocity
Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- When the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled that every state must recognize same sex marriages, they used a basis for judgement that will not easily stop at same sex marriage. In fact, it is a basis for judgement that should offer itself to... Read more
Bye-Bye Second Amendment
Now that the Obama Administration has two wins under their belt with the recent Supreme Court decisions on ObamaCare and Gay Marriage, look for the president and his allies in the Democrat Party and the anti-gun activists to be emboldened, and attempt to capitalize on the Court’s willingness to... Read more
Texas teen attacked by alligator, saved by father; both remain in hospital
A father saved his 13-year-old son from an alligator attack at a park near Lake Charlotte, east of Houston, according to the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office. The boy and his father were in “serious but stable condition,” the Chambers County Sheriff’s Department said in a Facebook post. An alligator bit... Read more
Coral snake antidote shortage poses ethical questions
Shortly after the Memorial Day floods in Houston, Brad Stodden saw a small tail emerging from below some debris in a drainage ditch by his Woodlands apartment. Thinking it was a lizard, he grabbed the tail only to find a black, red and yellow-banded snake, which promptly bit him... Read more
Man reels in possible world record trout in Indian River
Must be a nice snook, thought Luke Ledbetter of Boaz, Alabama, holding tight as line ripped from his spinning reel. Suppose it could be a redfish, he concluded, upon seeing the broad headwake the fish pushed as it neared the boat. A 3-foot seatrout? No way. “I had no... Read more
England’s only wild beavers give birth – the first known new arrivals for the species in 400 years
The only colony of wild beavers left in England has had a litter of babies – the first to be bred in the country in almost 400 years, conservationists have revealed. The youngsters, known as kits, have been spotted taking their first swim and hitching onto their mothers’ backs... Read more
The man who keeps finding new species of shark
Most people have heard of great white, hammerhead and tiger sharks but there are many other species – and every year a number of new ones are discovered. One enthusiast has, so far, identified 24 types of shark and related fish that were previously unknown. Dave Ebert has a... Read more

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