Louisiana Men Cited for Stealing over 500 Alligator Eggs
Officers from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) have cited two men for allegedly stealing alligator eggs and violating other regulations while in a state refuge. According to the agency, officers stopped Paul Canik, 47, and Christopher Trahan, 24, as the two men were leaving Rockefeller State Wildlife Refuge... Read more
Video Captures Incredible Shark Attack on Angler’s Fish
We’ve seen a lot of videos that show opportunistic sharks making quick work of an angler’s catch, but this has to be one of the most incredible. Reportedly fishing in Australian waters, these anglers could only watch as a shark attacked their fish from below and viciously pulled it from... Read more
Missouri Man Shoots 14-foot Python, Larger 18-footer Captured in Florida
Two huge Burmese pythons were caught and killed recently, one by a homeowner in Missouri’s rural Warren County, and the other by a researcher in Florida’s Shark Valley. Burmese pythons are considered to be a highly invasive species across the American Southeast, especially in Everglades National Park, where the... Read more
Angler Catches Near-world Record Marlin on His Birthday
Birthdays are special events, but Guy Kitaoka may be remembering his 58th more for the massive marlin he caught than anything else. According to KITV, Kitaoka caught a 1,368-pound marlin from the coast of Kona, Hawaii on Tuesday, drawing a crowd of 50 to 60 people as his ship docked for... Read more
Houston police catch cobra at high-rise apartment complex
HOUSTON (AP) — An aggressive 2-foot-long cobra captured at a luxury high-rise apartment complex in Houston has been euthanized. A licensed pest control company official said Thursday that the albino monocled cobra was very dangerous. Josie Moss with A All Animal Control in Houston says the snake’s venom can... Read more
Man Jumps Zoo Fence to Pet Cougars (VIDEO)
“Here, kitty kitty,” is probably not something you should be saying to a cougar. Then again, you should probably not be petting a cougar either. That’s exactly what the person in this video did at the the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio. The man hopped the first fence meant to... Read more
Alligator with Ninja Skills Deftly Climbs Fence (VIDEO)
If you are already terrified of alligators, we have bad news for you: they can actually climb fences. This video comes to us from the parking lot of an Everglades air-boat tour company. The uploader of the video was trying to shoo the gator out of the parking lot before... Read more
New Fishing Pier Grand Opening Aug. 11 at Lake Corpus Christi State Park
Free Entry, Free Fishing Poles and Bait Provided Lake Corpus Christi State Park near Mathis will host a grand opening celebration to mark the completion of its new fishing pier project. Visitors are invited to try out the new pier for free from 8 a.m.-1 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 11.... Read more