Texas Game Wardens Arrest Two Killeen Men in Alligator Death
TEMPLE, Texas – A Texas Game Warden investigation sparked by social media posts on Facebook detailing the killing of an 11-foot alligator has resulted in the arrests of two Killeen men. Texas Game Wardens today arrested Bradley Gillis, 26, and James Haff, 33, on Class A misdemeanor charges for... Read more
Leaping Bobcat Nearly Turns Turkey Hunter into the Hunted (VIDEO)
Bobcats aren’t like your average house cat. These felines are about 40 pounds of tense, coiled muscle with razor-sharp claws and an inclination to give your face an extreme makeover if you get too close. As this hunter found out the hard way, a bobcat only lets itself seen... Read more
Video: Snake Steals Young Angler’s Perch, Nearly Slithers Away
Who could say no to perch for lunch? Obviously not this garter snake, who tried its best to make a sneaky getaway after stealing a fish from one very enthusiastic angler-in-training. “My son caught a little perch, reeled it up to the shore and as it flopped around, it... Read more
Louisiana Feral Hog Bill Gains Ground
A bill to approve year-round hunting season on wild hogs passed out of a House committee Wednesday. The bill is authored by Monroe Representative Katrina Jackson.  Jackson says the feral hog issue is becoming more pervasive for northeast Louisiana farmers. Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Secretary Robert Barham testified... Read more
East Texas River Bottom Conservationist is 2015 Leopold Conservation Award Winner
AUSTIN — A self-proclaimed “East Texas river rat” with Harvard undergraduate and medical degrees whose lifelong love of bottomland hardwood country ignited landscape conservation along the Trinity River Basin, Dr. Robert McFarlane is the 2015 recipient of the Leopold Conservation Award. Dr. McFarlane accepted the Leopold crystal award, the... Read more
Partners Unite to Safeguard Highland Lakes from Spread of Invasive Zebra Mussels
AUSTIN—Summer boating season is just around the corner and a coalition led by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is launching a major public awareness campaign to inform boaters about how to prevent invasive zebra mussels from infesting new water bodies. As some of the most heavily trafficked... Read more
Video: Spearfisherman’s Fake Tail Fin Draws in Dolphin Pod
Looking much like a whale or dolphin tail, the DOL-fin monofin is designed for underwater speed demons and divers. It is an odd choice for spearfishermen, especially since it seems to come with a rather unique feature: it attracts dolphins. Dolphins are highly inquisitive creatures and it doesn’t take much... Read more
WATCH: Gardening with a gun? This video shows you how it’s done
Sharpshooter Kirsten Joy Weiss has just posted a new video — and it’s unlike any clip we have seen from her. This time she’s showing us how to “garden with a gun.” Technically speaking, Weiss is really showing us a different and more entertaining way to plant seeds. The... Read more