Jerry Miculek Shoots Ultra Rare Full-Auto AR-10 Prototype from 1957 [Video]
Apparently being a world reknown competition shooter sponsored by one of the largest gun companies in the country has perks that being a lowly gun blogger does not. One of those perks seems to be the ability to shoot ultra rare guns. In this video, Jerry Miculek gets to... Read more
.58-Caliber, 12-Gauge Sabot. 5 Lbs. Gummi Bear. Somethin’s Gotta Give.
John wanted to sight-in his new Mossberg 500 12ga hunting shotgun so we set up some interesting targets to show how much impact these rounds have. The stainless plate has been shot previously with a wax slug and a hardened-steel ball bearing shot from a 12 ga. shotgun. These... Read more
Serious AK47 Fireball (VIDEO)
Matt at Demolition Ranch is at it again with this awesome AK47 fireball video.  Don’t try this one at home! Source: Demolition Ranch Via Youtube Read more
Demolition Ranch: Top YouTube Gun Channels…….ROAST
Matt over at Demolition Ranch decided to take a shot at the top rated YouTube gun channels.  Check it out… Source: Demolition Ranch via Youtube Read more
Home Made Wrist Mounted Flamethrower
Colin Furze has made a flamethrower rig to mimic the Marvel Comics character Pyro. They are wrist mounted flame throwers. Sort of like Spiderman but he throws fire rather than webs. From the video, Colin seems a bit eccentric, but his enthusiasm and passion is remarkable. Oh and he... Read more
VIDEO: Igniting a Tracer Bullet
Check out this new Demolition Ranch video!  Matt tests what happens when you ignite a tracer round. Source: Demolition Ranch via Youtube Read more
Lahti 20mm vs iMac
Gratuitous use of a Lahti 20mm anti-material weapon. Why? Because big boom. If I got a chance to shoot a Lahti I would but anything in its path just for the huge smile I would have from getting to shoot it. At $40-$50 a shot? Totally worth it. RatedR... Read more
50cal Flying Over Water
Check out this video from Matt over at Demolition Ranch.  Will a bullet cause a wake or rooster tail as it passes inches over water? Or will it not disrupt it at all? It’s 50cal Friday at Demolition Ranch, so let’s find out! Source: Demolition Ranch via Youtube Read more