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June 20, 2011
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June 20, 2011

Anglers wanting to catch big fish should always have a rod and reel and at least a small tackle box in their vehicles. You never know when an opportunity will present itself.

I went out today to see what the drought had done to my friend’s pond. A couple of weeks ago it was three feet low and although we had rain recently as I suspected it was down a couple of more feet.

Humps and ridges are now islands. The area needs rain quickly.

As I passed a little cove in my truck, I got out to scan the scene and had the biggest rush of adrenaline I have had in a long time!

There were four huge bass in 18 inches of water swimming together. These were legitimately big fish in clear water so I eased back not to let them see me and rigged up a stick.

Tying a Z-Man Creature Z to an 1/8-ounce jighead, I peaked back over and pitched the lure to the fish which had moved out to slightly deep water. With the cast landing right in front of one of the fish, it struck immediately and the battle was on.

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The author with his hard-earned catch. Note the mud on his clothing
(Photo by Gloria Moore)

The fish just happened to be in a spot with steep 12 foot banks I had to slide down to get to the fish. When I hit the bottom, my knees sank into knee deep red mud about the same time the bass ran into a brush pile along the bank. The fish was struggling and wrapped the line around a stick and then ran out. I was amazed how well the Stren Fluorocast performed, allowing me to untangle the line from the brush and fight the fish to the bank.

Well, it wasn’t exactly that easy. There was the issue of losing my sandals in the mud and having to wade through it over to the fish.

The results were awesome as you can see with this beautiful, healthy fish which I put back into the water to hopefully get a crack at when it gets even bigger.

Had I not been ready with a rod and a small tackle box filled with a variety of soft plastics the beautiful fish would have never been added to my photo album and my spirit would have been robbed of one more amazing experience.

Dream BIG and fish with intensity!

Chester Moore

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