Texas rigs, Mike Iaconelli and Toledo Bend

Stick and move fishing
June 20, 2011
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June 20, 2011

Today I had the great pleasure of following Bassmaster Elite Series pro Mike Iaconelli (2003 Bassmaster Classic Champion, 2006 B.A.S.S. Anlger of the Year) as part of the circuit’s stop on Toledo Bend.

Veteran Toledo Bend guide Ray Maples faciliated the photo shoot which is part of our ongoing coverage of this major tournament event.

While watching Iaconelli fish in the grass, Maples gave great incite into post spawn Texas rig fishing.

“I like fishing a Texas rig because I can fish in the grass. They key is to fish it slow this time of year, real slow”, Maples said.

How does an angler know if her or she is fishing slow enough?

“If your worm is gathering up grass you are moving too fast. If you fish it slowly enough, you can creep it through the grass and get those fish that are in there.”

That is practical advice from an angler who intimately knows grass fishing at Toledo Bend.

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Michael Iaconelli sets the hook on a bass in the grass on Toledo Bend.
(Photo by Chester Moore, Jr.)


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