How “smart” are bream?

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August 12, 2011
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August 23, 2011

We think of bream as being super easy to catch because they congregate in such large numbers but are their “smart” bream?

The bigger breeders with the best genetics of all fish in my opinion are much harder to catch (probably throughout their life cycles) than others and have a predisposition to not being fooled. I have caught some huge bream on a friend of mine’s pond this year and had the best luck on the biggest using flurocarbon line in the fairly clear water there. All of my big ones have came on fluorocarbon line and in most cases I have caught bigger fish than the people next to me fishing mono.

Is it a coincidence but does the visibility of the line make a difference?

During spawn time they are aggressive but these fish were not on the beds and they can get spooky there.

What are your experiences?

The author with a big bream caught earlier this summer.


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