Angler’s biggest mistake (according to Rick Clunn)

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October 10, 2011
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October 16, 2011

Rick Clunn has attained a level of fishing knowledge that blows me away.

The 4-Time Bassmaster Classic Champion is not only a master of competitive fishing but also a genuine student of fish and fishing. I have been blessed to spend some time on the water with him on two occasions over the last two years and always come away with great nuggets of wisdom.

Rick Clunn's philosophical approach to fishing may seem deep and complex but it is rooted in common sense.


When I asked him what the greatest mistake anglers make he didn’t blink before saying it is, “not exactly duplicating the cast you just caught a fish on.”

The author always walks away from interviews with Rick Clunn with knowledge he can apply to his own fishing and share with others.

When he says, “exactly”, he means throwing to the same spot, fishing the lure with the same retrieve and even making sure it lands the same way.

“Many times there are more fish right there and you did something right, something that made the fish bite and it worked for you. If you can duplicate that you can usually catch more fish.”

I have since taken that philosophy to the water and it has already made a difference.

Fishing is not just a matter of gear, although quality gear is important. It is not only a matter of skill, despite the vast importance of that trait.

The accumulation of knowledge and applying it to fishing in conjunction with a keen sense of awareness can turn an average angler into a fish catching phenomenon.


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