MONSTER reds on plastics (tip)

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October 26, 2011
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October 31, 2011


I just returned from Southwest Louisiana fishing with my buddy Mark Davis of the Penn’s Big Water Adventures.

A stiff north wind made things challenging in the bay so we took the advice from our guides from Hackberry Rod & Gun and headed out to the jetties where we found borderline obscene numbers of oversized reds. The fish were caught on live and cut mullet but the biggest and largest numbers were taken on a black/chartreuse Bomber Saltwater Grade Mud Minnow tipped with shrimp.

“We were jigging it over some rock outcroppings of the jetty and staying hooked up with huge reds,” Davis said.

If there aren’t lots of hardheads around, using a soft plastic/shrimp combination can be a killer way to pick off monster reds, especially when they are bonding to very specific pieces of cover like they were today. If you try this method at your local jetty system remember to bring a little heavier jighead than you normally would bay fishing. A 3/8 or 1/2 oz should do the trick and allow you to keep the bait/lure in the strike zone.

The strike zone was very important today. The reds were not all over the jetties, but instead in certain spots. You might have to stick and move until you find fish.

Chester Moore

Mark Davis turns a big bull red at the Cameron, La. jetties.














A black/chartreuse Bomber Saltwater Grade Mud minnow tipped with shrimp was the ticket today. Match water clarity with lure colors. For murky conditions use dark plastics and when it is clear go with natural, lighter colors.


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