First It was Kids Hunting and Shooting, Now They Are After Farm Kids

Shemane “Queen of the Forest” Crossbow Antelope
April 28, 2012
Remember Orlando Wilson? (video)
April 30, 2012

The days of a kid coming home from school to grab his .22 or .410 and head down to the creek bottom to pot a few squirrels are gone, legislated away by the mindless nannycrats and power pimps that infest governments.

Now they are after farm kids in a seeming attempt to create a total disconnect with anything remotely related to the realities of nature, life, and death.

Or maybe the pabulum-pukers are just upset that children cannot join a labor union and support the Democrat Party with their union dues and increase the “fundamentally transformed” bloodsucking welfare state. Whatever the reason, Mr. Obama’s BigLabor Department has proposed a rule that would essentially ban farm kids from–wrap your head around this if you can–working on farms.

That’s right, the new rule would have essentially ban kids from doing a variety of chores associated with farm work.  Fortunately, the Obama administration caught significant hell for this gross over-reach and pulled backed the proposed rule.

Regardless of this scramble to hide their true colors, they did what they do best and stepped in it again, thereby exposing their real agenda to get rid of that pesky work ethic hurdle for their hero Mao vision.

What’s next Secretary Solis, banning a kid from mowing a lawn or shoveling snow to earn a few extra bucks?  We surely wouldn’t want to teach our youth that Herculean work ethic that jettisoned the American quality of life past the rest of the world in a nano-second, now would we? Maybe Secretary Solis will next propose a rule that prohibits a kid from taking out the garbage and cleaning his or her room.

Hard work and sweat is always good.  Chores and duty builds character, confidence and muscle—-things lacking in too many American kids who shuffle around zombie-like from staring at a computer game for hours upon hours and who are out-of-shape from the embarrassing new epidemic of slovenliness.  It’s time we fixed this instead of creating an environment that further enables kids to be lazy blubber magnets.

The Obama Fedzillacrats know no boundaries.  Their goal is to control every facet of our personal and professional lives. They have zero respect for individual liberty or freedom unless you are New Black Panther Party member celebrating felony immunity at a polling place or offering a reward on someone’s life.

Should Mr. Obama and his army of Fedzillacrats and Czars have passed this anti-American rule, I would hope American farm families would have ignored this dunderheaded, bigger government rule and continued on their time-honored path of teaching kids the value of hard work.  Ignoring bad laws is in our American DNA and it’s our responsibility if we value freedom.

Kids raised on ranches and farms rock.  They get their hands dirty.  They sweat.  They are taught where their dinner comes from.  They are taught to be independent and strong.  Farm and ranch work teaches kids first-hand cause and effect.  Only a Fedzillacrat could possibly find fault with this absolute perfection of the American Dream.

For a government to try to shove brain-dead legislation, rules, and requirements such as this down our throats is a government worthy of being tossed out of office.


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