Target “coves” at jetties

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April 16, 2012
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April 22, 2012

If you are seeking redfish at jetty systems look for “coves”.

This is what I call areas that are where the rocks are sort of spread out in awkward fashion and form a round area with a definite edge and usually a pretty good drop-off.

You think of jetties as being in straight lines but if you look closely there are lot of uneven areas. If you find an area that has rocks sticking out maybe five yards farther than the rest, you will have eddies forming on strong tidal movements and lots of baitfish in place. Spots like this are magnets for crabs as they break the current well so they are natural spots to target reds.

Fish with live croaker or cut mullet on the outer edge or chunk gold spoons or crankbaits right into the “coves” to catch BIG reds.

A classic jetty "cove".


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