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May 6, 2012
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May 8, 2012

“Things get a little crazy, in this day and age.

“The concrete jungle warfare, got everybody in a rage.

“And I sure like my rock and danger,

“I crave my rock-n-roll,

“But when I get my limit,

“I know just where to go!

“I jump into four-wheel-drive,”

“Load up the dogs and the family.

“Because we got to feel alive,

“With the wildlife where we can breathe!

“And I just wanna go hunting.

“It makes me feel so good.

“I just wanna go hunting.

“Try to find me in the woods!”

That’s the second verse and bridge to my rollicking goodtime Hunt Music song, “I Just Wanna Go Huntin”. I figure there are a few million pickup trucks and four wheelers around the country with a cassette or CD of that little ditty blaring away throughout the year, the universal communication of music inspiring gutpiles and backstraps galore by born to kill natural predators everywhere.

The primal scream has a soundtrack, and I have unleashed it for fifty some years, celebrating our predatorship with everything I got in every way I can to promote this pure instinctual hunting lifestyle to remain connected to the spirit of our sustenance. Venison is life. Go figure.

Sitting in our treestands and deerblinds represents the ultimate re-creation and cleansing of our souls from the hustle and bustle, stress and gonzo plugging away of everyday life. Hell, just practicing with our bows and guns, organizing our gear and gazing lovingly at the months of October, November and December in our calendars puts a huge smile on our faces and a tingle up our spines. There are not many things in life that still do that in such a natural, invigorating way. Lucky, lucky us.

Conservation is surely the wise use of natural resources, and the unprecedented success story of North American wildlife will go down in history as the irrefutable proof that hunting, fishing and trapping it literally the ultimate, most pure environmental positive known to mankind.

On a factual, intellectual level, this further increases our satisfaction that what we do is literally perfect, and it is always up to each and every one of us to spread the word and share this constantly to encourage others to join us in saving the environment by safeguarding wildlife habitat from which quality air, soil and water resources are derived. That equals definitive quality of life.

It comes as no surprise that all polls conclude the obvious, that 90+% of humanity understands and supports this simple sustain yield truism, but never forget that a soulless lunatic fringe is maniacally dedicated to just the opposite. Life isn’t fair and those of us that know the truth must constantly counterpunch the lairs and truth haters that have always infested our species.

All evil needs to advance is for good men to do nothing.

The driving sensations we all get from our sacred time afield must not be selfishly squandered, but rather, be put to use in order to inspire us to educate and recruit all who we know and come into contact in life to better understand how nature works , and how mankind is as natural a part of functioning nature as the earth, wind and wildlife.

I am certain that it is my contagious enthusiasm that has motivated many to join our ranks, and just as important, to stand with us when it comes time to vote for sensible wildlife issues and management policies. Conversely, where we fail to reach out to the non-hunters in our lives, they are eventually brainwashed by the dishonest tsunami of false propaganda by a disconnected media and crazy leftwing political force that wouldn’t know a pterodactyl from a humming bird. Sad but true.

President Obama’s “regulatory Czar”, Cass Sunstein, is on record that animals should have the right to sue people for mistreatment, and that eating them constitutes mistreatment. There really are people that are that soulless and mentally deranged in positions of monstrous power. Truly monstrous and dangerous nature haters.

So celebrating our hunting amongst ourselves is nowhere near enough in this savage culture war. We must unite to overwhelm the enemy of anti-hunters and animal rights maniacs out there. And the system by which this can be accomplished is really rather simple.

I call it “Wallpaper Carpetbombing”, that is, hammering the truth every day to every one everywhere. Presented in a passionate, fact filled friendly way, we can dispel the cruel disrespect of the “Bambi” weirdo’s and impress upon all how real tooth, fang and claw nature operates. Explain the simple science of habitat carrying capacity, that X ground can only support X living things, and that Thanksgiving is celebrated in November because it is the way we thank the Lord for His annual bountiful harvest before winter comes along.

I am here to tell you, that everytime to bring someone to the light side; it is as satisfying as bringing home a nice buck or a fat bass.

PR stands for public relations, and it is up to us to relate to the public better than our enemies do, and quite honestly, that is so simple it’s stupid. Sincerity and a lifetime of proven data is powerfully convincing when delivered in a believable fashion.

So hammer on, recruit on, and hunt and fish on. Venison actually tastes better when an animal rights freak is exposed for the braindead soulless goofball that they are.


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