The Texas Hunting Obstacle Course

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May 28, 2012
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May 30, 2012

I am a very lucky man to have such a deep, BloodBrother connection with so many wonderful hunting families across the nation. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear from numerous families with glowing letters and Emails celebrating our cherished outdoor lifestyle and shared love of hunting, fishing, trapping and all the shooting sports.

They read my various writings in sporting publications, newspapers, magazines, on conservative websites and blogs, and hear me rejoice the perfection of hands-on conservation on various TV and radio shows throughout the year. They know that I never defend these self-evident truth supported positive activities, but instead promote and celebrate them to the masses from whatever bully pulpit I may command. I like that. They like that. How could you not like that?

I constantly hear about all the good that we celebrate; the always fun hunting, fishing and outdoor joys that each season brings.

But I also hear about the bad and the ugly too, and the number one complaint by far is the shortage of places to hunt for the average family in Texas.

We all know that Texas offers the best hunting opportunities in the world, but only if you can afford a lease of happen to have family or friends that have private grounds to hunt.

Unfortunately, unlike so many other states with vast acreage of public hunting grounds, Texas has the least amount of public hunting grounds of all fifty states, and that does not bode well for the average family.

With an out of control population of wild hogs, and in many regions, an overpopulation of whitetails and some exotic deer species, there must be a way to make these resources available to the many families looking for some simple, affordable hunting opportunities, while at the same time reducing these populations to manageable and desirable levels for the landowners.

Liability is always a serious consideration for landowners, so I hope our Texas laws reflect the common sense that waives liability for the landowner if a guest hunter has an accident or runs into problems.

And with all the great sporting publications, radio and TV shows, blogs, websites and guides and outfitter businesses across Texas, surely we have the resources to get the word out where critters are available to the families that seek them.

I know of many large ranches that have excess MDLP doe tags, sometimes by the hundreds, that are filled by ranch hands that look at the task of harvesting these necessary surplus deer as a chore.

Just think it there was a way to reach out to families that would be thrilled to hunt a few extra does and management bucks at a reasonable fee to balance the herds and provide cherished hunting time for a win, win, win, all around.

I know offers some great Texas hunts at reasonable prices, and maybe Scott Thrash at can figure a way to connect the ranchers with surplus tags to the hunting families who would be more than happy to fill them for the fun and the venison at a low cost that would help the ranchers cover some feed expenses.

Since I have SUNRIZE SAFARIS, maybe all of you reading this Uncle Ted article with extra tags and those hunters who would love to fill them can call Paul Wilson at 517.750.9060 or Email him at [email protected] to see if we can’t connect ya all to begin to make more opportunities in order to expand the number of Texas hunting licenses sold.

Back in PA, WI, MI, and many Midwest states, there are millions upon millions of public hunting acres available, but with so many hunters, the quality of hunting is not all that exciting.

Texas has the most family hours of hunting available of any state, but is still fourth or fifth in actual number of hunting licenses sold. I for one would like to see Texas as the leader in licenses sold so we can rightfully claim what I believe should be, and that is that Texas should be the Number One hunting state overall, since there is no doubt whatsoever that Texas has what it takes to be Number One.

This primary obstacle to expanded hunting opportunities in Texas is fixable if we put forth the effort to fix it. Let’s do so ASAP. More hunters is what Texas needs, and what Texas needs, Texas gets. Get it.


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