Wives, Guns, and Other Perfect 10’s

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June 24, 2012
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June 25, 2012

On a scale of one to 10, I would have to give my American Dream a solid 10. Clearly, Mrs. N is a perfect 10.

“Perfect 10” Shemane.

My kids and grandkids are all perfect tens. This amazing gravity defying musical career of mine is a runaway rock solid ten. The raw animal musical intensity that my incredible band delivers every night on stage is a perfect ten for sure. The pure positive energy and fun factor of every audience we have performed in front of for more than 6200 insane rockouts is as ten as it gets. My arsenal is a perfect ten. My hunting seasons for the last 40 years have been perfect tens all along. I think my truck is a perfect ten. And who could possibly argue that my “we the people” all American activism doesn’t register a perfect ten when it comes to driving soulless liberals crazy?

“Perfect 10” 1911 handgun.

In my indefatigable pursuit of perfect tens on all levels, I suppose it was inevitable that I would discover that the well-respected firearms manufacturers at STI in Georgetown, Texas, and I would connect. My handgun caliber of choice has always been the mighty 10mm, another example of a perfect ten, and as it turns out, STI actually produces a custom high capacity 1911 pistol that they call, get this, the “Perfect Ten”.

The 10mm handgun cartridge came about when the FBI decided to work with the legendary Jeff Cooper to develop a hard hitting round for law enforcement purposes following a disastrous shootout in Miami back in 1982.

They came up with a new proprietary round that would deliver a 180 grain bullet out of a four to six inch barreled handgun at about 1400 fps, substantially increasing knockdown power over 9mm and .357 magnum ammo at the time.

For a number of reasons, the 10mm round was shortened and reduced to create the .40S&W, and the big 10 never set fire to the shooting world overall.

I fell in love with the caliber for self-defense and big game hunting backup, trained with a Colt Delta Elite 1911, S&W 1006 and Glock Model’s 20 and 29, and haven’t looked back since.

More and more pistoleros discovered the power and accuracy of the 10mm, and I continued to experiment, rotate and hunt with more 10mm handguns including CZ, Para, Kimber, Springfield, Wilson Combat, and even a Bond Arms derringer.

Then I discovered STI firearms right in my Texas’ backyard, and immediately realized why this outfit was looked upon with such reverence by hardcore shootists.

Longtime worker/owner Rabbit Boyet guided me through the STI headquarters in Georgetown, and showed me the incredible hands-on touch that goes into every STI gun. We customized a really cool “Perfect Ted” model, and the accuracy and handling of this pistol right off the workbench was as good as it gets. From a solid rest, I am able to put round after round into the same hole at thirty yards all day long, and the gun performs flawlessly no matter how much abuse I put it through. A “Perfect Ten” indeed.

In the final tests of my new line of Ted Nugent Ammo, I loaded up the STI with my 180 grain bonded hollow point ammo and hit the Double Bull groundblind as I recuperated from a third knee surgery right in the middle of my concert tour. My legs were not a perfect ten, but my spirit remained so.

Sweating in the early June heat of Texas, I felt the healing powers of The Great Spirit as group after group of whitetails eased in and out of my SpiritWild Ranch scrub. Some of the bucks had nearly half developed velvet antlers, and some were just showing early stages of growth. Does were heavy with fawns, and they all looked healthy from the ample spring rains.

Finally, deer heads jerked to attention, and I knew something was up. I punched “record” on my vidcam just as a foursome of handsome Aoudad ambled in to view. Knowing I needed to reduce these wild sheep numbers, and provide some much needed meat for a local family, my Perfect Ten settled onto my rest and I snicked off the safety.

After a while, a fine yearling ewe gave me a nice broadside at about fifty yards, and the crisp three pound trigger dropped the hammer.

Blown off her feet by the 180 grain bullet through the shoulders, she bucked and tried to get back up when the 2nd round slammed home right next to the 1st hit, and down she went for good.

I grabbed my hickory walking cane and hobbled over to my prize, pleased and excited at another perfect ten moment, on a perfect ten critter on a perfect ten day with my Perfect Ten STI at my side.

If you are looking for what many believe to be the perfect self-defense caliber, a proven big game killing round and a pistol that delivers on all counts, you may be ready to go the Perfect Ten with STI. I know someone who is dining on succulent sheep ribs that would vouch for it.

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