F-150 truck with recall may have caused fire, death of 2 children yesterday

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July 9, 2012
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July 11, 2012

Yesterday in Austin, a fire killed two children and cause more than $140,000 in damage to the house they were living in. It is probable at this time that the fire was caused by a faulty electrical cruise control switch on an older model F-150 truck.

This truck problem was identified and recalled in 2005. As of now, less than half of the affected vehicles have been returned to dealers for repair, according to a records request.  Based on the long life of trucks, I suspect that most of the unrepaired vehicles are still on the road — many here in Texas.

If you have an older F-150 truck that you purchased new, or if you have an F-150 that you bought used and are unsure whether the problem has been addressed, GO IMMEDIATELY to recalls.gov/nhtsa.html.

If my earlier post last week about the importance of recalls did not spur you to action, this tragedy certainly should.  The truck was parked outside the garage which had been remodeled as a bedroom for the children.

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