Fishing (and catching) on slack tides

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July 28, 2012
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August 1, 2012

Coastal anglers know that fishing a slack (dead) tide can be extremely difficult. Fish seemingly get lockjaw once the tides stop moving.

A good area to fishing during slack tides is around the Intracoastal Canal or other ship channels. If you can find a bayou that pours into it, especially a narrow one, you can play the boat traffic so to speak.

Big ships pull lots of water and when they do these kind of cuts will often see a huge surge in fish biting for a few minutes. This is especially true of flounder but works for others species as well.

I have one spot that I have been fishing at least once a week and if the tide happens to be slack or slow down, and a ship comes then watch out.

The bite is on.

Chester Moore, Jr.

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