TF&G at ICAST Pt. 1

Proper frog fishing etiquette (video)
July 11, 2012
TFG at ICAST pt. 2
July 12, 2012

The Texas Fish & Game staff is at ICAST in Orlando, Fla.

Annually the tackle industry meets to showcase its latest innovations and we are here collecting tons of video which is being posted right now.

One of the standouts is Rick Clunn’s S-Glass Reaction Rods from Wright & McGill. These actually debuted last year but they are getting some serious attention and after the interview we conducted with Clunn, we learned some fascinating things about how they can benefit anglers who like to fish with crankbaits.










Texas’ own Logic Lures has an interesting new jighead called the Wiggly Jiggly. It is designed to give soft plastics a realistic motion from head to tail and stimulate an intense predatory response.










Plano always debuts something exciting and practical and this year is no different. Their compact Flex-N-Go Satchel is made like a briefcase (but smaller) and is perfect for anglers on the go.










Look for much more coming this evening both here at this blog and also in our video section.

Chester Moore

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