GM releases video of 2014 Silverado

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August 7, 2012
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It seems strange, but we’ll take what we get on the 2014 Silverado.  GM seems to have heard our begging and whining for anything on the long-awaited vehicle.  They have not heard our prayers, but did throw us a morsel.   Not much detail, but here is the spy-style video that Chevy has made available to automotive media. 


Here’s what I know so far.  It is expected that GM will resurrect the pre-2007 full length chrome grille which is sure to please fans of the more traditional Silverado look.  Lots of hints have been dropped that the Gen V small block aluminum engine will be featured, and that the entire vehicle has been lightened up by (some say) as much as 5,000 pounds, although I expect it to be less.  There will be direct injection for higher compression rates and the cylinder activation approach that GM has been using elsewhere in its brands will be a factor in more efficient fuel economy — which the new Chevy and GMC trucks must have.

The company has taken a lot of well-deserved heat for its uninspired plastic-heavy interiors and, if they have heard what the market has to say, they will respond with a new approach and multiple trim levels to rival the competition which has come a very long way since the last Silverado interior modifications were introduced.  There should also be some strides in the center console and brain center of the vehicle.  Since GM has all the technology knowhow that it has made part of their newer vehicles — including SUVs — it is something of a no-brainer that the company is infusing the new Silverado with the latest it has to offer. 

I have seen some copyrighted spy photos of the interior, but it would be just like GM to have salted a test vehicle with an interior that is not representative of the new package.  A year is a long time to wait for the entire story in one release.  Since GM has released thes pre-pre-production video of the Silverado, I expect they will continue to tease us from now until the official introduction, sometime later in 2013.   


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