New Recall for boat/trailer package from Marine Tracker

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September 19, 2012
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September 25, 2012

I promised that I would keep you appraised of any recalls that might affect your truck, trailer or boat, and this week a new one was issued.  It is not for a large-scale problem but, if you are unlikely enough to be faced with it, it is best to know now.

The recall is for 2010 – 2013 Tracker Marine Mako 18 LTS boats and 2009 – 2012 EZ Loader AB 18-20 trailers from model years 2010 thru 2013.  These were sold as a package and the trailers may not have sufficient load-carrying capacity to carry the boats which they were intended to transport.  As a result, trailer overloading may cause axle or tire failure increasing the risk of a crash.

If you are the first owner, Tracker Marine should notify you, and dealers will remedy the trailer problem free of charge.  This may include replacement of axle assemblies, installation of brakes and/or replacement of wheels and tires.  Owners, included anyone who might have bought this  used may contact Tracker Marine at 417-873-4588.  Call them, also if you are unsure whether your trailer is affected.

Should you ever want to see if your car, truck, trailer, RV or boat is affected by a recall, check it out on .



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