SurvivalStraps Survival Bracelets – Jewelry that Matters?

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August 28, 2012
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September 11, 2012

Every now and again you run across something new that makes you raise your eyebrows, and that’s what happened when I heard about these new survival bracelets. Now, maybe I’m just behind the times (my teenage kids certainly think so) but I’m just now learning about these things, and they may just be the first type of jewelry that, in the mind of an outdoorsman, has an actual use.

Unwind the survival bracelet, and you’ll have 16′ or 24′ of 550-pound-test paracord.

SurvivalStraps is the company that made me aware of these things, when they sent me a press release about their new Guy Harvey edition. These things are bracelets made of 550-pound-test paracord.  The idea is that if you have an emergency need for some strong cord, you always have it on hand – or, at least around your wrist. Un-wind the bracelet, and you’ll have 16 or 24 feet of this tough stuff (depending on which style bracelet you get).

This is a pretty nifty concept. There are countless boating situations in which strong lines can be a life-saver, so there’s a real functional use for the SurvivalStraps. As far as their value as jewelry, I’ll leave that judgement up to you. Personally I’ve never worn bracelets and I’m guessing most of you don’t, either. But if ever there was one I’d consider this is it.

Here’s one more interesting tidbit: if you get into an emergency situation and unwind your bracelet to get out of a jam, SurvivalStraps will replace it at no cost. All you have to do is take a picture of how you used it, tell SurvivalStraps the story behind the event, and they’ll send you a new one at no charge. Cool! Check it out and get more info, at SurvivalStraps’ web site.

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