There Is No Gun Show Loophole

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September 12, 2012
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September 17, 2012

If you ever want to go to a real gun and knife show, just ask me to open my coat.

My middle initail is “A” and it stands for Artillery.  Know this:  I don’t reload ammunition.  I unload it—pallets of it.  Facilitating brass rainbows is one of my special operations tactical specialties.  Gun barrels melt just by getting downwind of me.

Over many years I have literally been to hundreds of gun shows across America.  The only gun show loophole I’ve ever experienced is my failure to bring a tandem gravel scow to haul all of the various pallets of ammunition out the door. One can never have enough ammunition, barbecue’d pork, arrows, loud guitars, hunting dogs, chainsaws, whitetail bucks standing broadside at fifteen yards, 4×4 trucks, and opportunities to cause liberals and Fedzillacrats much mental anguish and confusion.

Gun shows are fun for the entire family.  There is always unlimited positive energy, camaraderie, smiles, sharing of ballistic knowledge, remembering hunting adventures with other hunters, fondling various cool hardware and other assorted joys by the various families in attendance and the dealers is what I’ve always experienced.

Anti-freedom zealots just won’t give up spinning the lie that gun shows are breeding grounds for the sale of illegal guns.  Hell, even Bill O’Reilly claims you can buy bazzokas at gun shows with no paperwork required. The lie they spin is commonly known as the “gun show loophole” and it simply does not exist.

Keep in mind these are the same anti-freedom, big government goons who want to control everything in our lives including what we eat, what we read, watch or listen to; the light bulbs we can use; the toilets we can buy; and our healthcare.  Big Brother is an abusive, controlling punk.

If liberals had it their way, they would ban all guns because they believe that guns are the cause of crime instead of blaming the gang-banging punks they keep letting out of their cages who enjoy killing each other.  If guns cause crime, then spoons cause obesity.

Unless restricted by city law, private citizens buying, selling or trading legal property such as guns is perfectly legal as it should be.  Anyone who supports restricting this most basic of freedoms is a Fidel Castro fan.

The laws are much different for gun dealers who possess a Federal Firearms License (FFL).  These gun dealers cannot sell you or me a gun at a gun show or anywhere else without first filling out the necessary paperwork and having an FBI background check performed on the potential buyer.

The Department of Justice conducted a crime survey a few years ago and found that less than one percent of guns used in crimes were bought at a gun show.  That would make 99% of gun show purchased goods not a problem. The facts such as this, however interesting, are not lost on anti-freedom goons.  The facts are intentionally ignored because the facts do not fit their anti-freedom, anti-self defense agenda.

There is no gun show loophole.  The gun show loophole is an intentionally fabricated lie spun by anti-gun liars and endorsed by other intellectual light-weights who allow their emotions to over-ride their Dodo bird extinct IQ.

There is no group of individuals in America who want criminal vermin exterminated more than gun owners.  Gun owners are strong advocates for locking up thugs for long prison sentences who use guns when carrying out their violent crimes.

What America has is a logic loophole. Common sense, pragmatism and the truth should be put on the endangered species list in America, especially in many of our cities where idiocy and dependence appear to be celebrated.

I have never been in a gun free zone. Not if I’m there.

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