The 3 Wackiest Boats in the World

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September 25, 2012
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A while back I wrote an article for about the 10 coolest and craziest looking boats in the world. The response was, well, let’s just say it was crazy!

The Sea Breacher is one awesome-looking watercraft!

So, I thought everyone checking out might enjoy hearing about these unusual boats, as well. We took a vote, and here are the three that turned out to be the most popular:

1. The Sea Breacher – This boat/semi-sub is shaped like a fish, and can be finished to look like a shark, a space rocket, a torpedo, or an orca. It can cruise at speeds up to 50-mph, leap up to 16′ in the air, dive five feet beneath the surface, and is powered by a 255-hp Rotax engine. Cost is a mere $65K, so this amazing looking watercraft is even somewhat affordable to the non-rich. Nifty!

Is it a car? Is it a boat? The answer to both questions is “yes”.

2. The Gibbs Aquada – Is it a car, or is it a boat? YES! The Gibbs is both – with one press of a button, the wheels come up and a jet drive with almost 2,000 pounds of thrust kicks in. The entire process takes a mere 12 seconds, and you can quite literally drive this car to the boat ramp, hit the button, and drive it through the lake. The powerplant is a 175-hp 24-valve  V-8, and this creation can hit 30-MPH on the water or highway speeds on land. It costs $100K, which sounds like a lot for a car until you consider the fact that a modern powerboat can easily top that number, and you’d still need a second vehicle and a trailer to accomplish the same feats.

Beam me up, Scotty!

3. The Footprint – We told you about this boat in a Unique Boat FishGame blog a while ago, and the Footprint is back! You can read the whole story in that blog, but let’s just say that the best way to describe this boat’s looks is to say it seems to be a cross between a space shuttle and a pop-up camper. Literally.

If you want to see the other seven boats, check out the Top 10 Coolest Looking Boats Ever article!

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