5 Cool Gadgets for Boaters

Alligator Gar Tagging (video)
October 15, 2012
Trolling for Crappie (video)
October 17, 2012

Let’s face it: buying stuff for boats is just plain fun. We might complain about how much something costs, we might hesitate at every purchase, but when you walk back to your truck with a bag full of goodies, there’s going to be a smile on your face. You’re looking for some cool new boating gadgets that’ll give you that grin? Here’s a handful you might want to check out:

1. Bullet Weights Fish Heads – Why have a chunk of plain old lead on the line, when you could have a life-like head with color patterns and eyes painted on? That’s the idea behind Bullet Weights Fish Heads, and I like the way it makes my lures look!

2. Izon 2.0 – The Izon is a wi-fi video monitor which you can set up on your boat, then use to remotely view your pride and joy from anywhere you like. The camera uses your cell phone and the Izon app to turn your phone into a viewer and control pad, for the camera. Sneak one aboard your buddie’s boat when you both go fishing, and find out for sure just how big his “lunker” really was.

3. Kodak Playsport – You want to take fishing videos in a driving rain? Or, maybe you want to get some underwater footage? The Playsport is waterproof to 10′, fits in your pocket, and it records in hi-def. Added bonus: it’s a lot less expensive than other video cams, costing just a hair over $100.

The Grand Lagoons are uber-comfy, and amazingly light.

4. Onos Grand Lagoon – Here’s a new set of shades that has all the ingredients to make your eyes happy: they offer full UV protection, are super-light, and have padded arms and nose rests. You can also get ’em with readers. I liked the optics and I reallly liked the relatively inexpensive $90 price tag, which is hard to beat for a decent pair of shades.

5. StarBrite Boat Bomb – This is supposed to kill off that mildew smell that invades so many boats, but it’ll kill off other smells, too – including the ones you really want to get rid of. A chlorine dioxide vapor does the dirty work, so you can inhale without gagging. Ahhhhhh…..


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