Bull Red Success Formula

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October 1, 2012
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Want virtually guaranteed bull reds NOW?

Go to any of the jetty systems along the coast and search out deep holes in the rocks. The areas near the southern tip are usually best but any hole that is large and drops off sharply will hold bull reds.

Next catch a strong moving tide.

Finally put out a live croaker. Anything from six to 12 inches works great but I have fished even bigger. Live or cut mullet is good and so is crab but I have never fished anything that works as effectively at putting BIG bulls in the boat as live croaker hooked through the nose and fished on the bottom.

The reds are spawning now and all over the rocks. I always put the big ones back so they can fight produce more of their kind. The more bull reds the merrier!

Chester Moore

The author with a large bull redfish caught last week.

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