More Cook County (Chicago) Follies

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October 17, 2012
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October 21, 2012

When it comes to guns and liberal politicians, all bets are off.   Anything goes.  The loonier the better.

In good old Cook County Illinois, a suburb of Planet of the Apes, which encompasses the nonstop shootfest gun free zone, Chicago, gang banging punks never tire of blowing holes in each other. And of course Wham Bam Gun Ban Ram-A-lama Rahm Emanuel doesn’t want to end the Mayors Daily tradition of their gun free zone slaughter of innocents party.

In another classic smoke and mirrors “Chicago Politics” feigned effort to appear to quell the gang-banging violence, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle believes a nickel tax on each bullet and a $25.00 tax on each legal gun sold in Cook County will help teach the recidivistic gangbangers to give peace a chance. Yeah, that’s it. And Hillary Clinton is in charge of security in Benghazi.

Preckwinkle’s lopsided proposal should have been in the hilarious Chicago-based movie “The Blues Brothers.”  I thought there was a salve to cure shingles and Preckwinkles.

Punks and thugs won’t give a plug nickel about raising the price of a bullet by five cents, and since when do paroled gangbangers go through the bureaucratic falderall of filling out paperwork to purchase firearms legally? Anyone who believes that this will reduce crime is either nuttier than a Snicker’s bar or about as smart as a bag of rocks.

Decent politicians have the complete support of responsible gun owners if they actually want to do something about street violence instead of politically grand-standing the tired old folly of gun control.  Preckwinkle is grand-standing.  Let’s be honest, Preckwinkle’s tax proposal has as much substance as an air sandwich.

The way to make gang-banging extinct is to pass a law that says any gang-banging thug who uses a gun in the commission of a crime gets an automatic 25 year prison sentence with no possibility of early release.

Warehousing these gang-banging street rats makes much more sense than penalizing law-abiding citizens by imposing a tax on guns and ammunition, which impact only law abiding gun owners.

Preckwinkle’s proposal is so typical of liberals.  Their upside down proposals either end up achieving the opposite result of what they claim, or actually end up harming others. This is because feeling good is much more important to liberals than actually doing good.

A proposal to warehouse gang-banging punks wouldn’t be cheap.  Prisons cost lots of cash.  But that’s whats needed if cities like Chicago who are infested with gang banging street rats truly want to make their crime-ridden neighborhoods safe.

My gut tells me that law-abiding citizens who still live by common sense probably don’t care all that much, if at all, that gang-bangers are blowing holes in each other.  That observation may cause the heads of liberals to spin round and round, but it’s the truth.

So long as gang-bangers are making each other extinct, I don’t see the problem.  Having them kill each other is probably the cheapest and most effective way of eliminating gang-banging street rats.  If it were’nt for the tragedy of innocent bystanders being mowed down, providing free ammunition to these violent punks who have no respect for life would make more sense than taxing ammunition.

Crook County, aka Cook County, should simply make it much easier to arm the good guys.  Ensuring decent citizens have the means to defend themselves against these marauding monsters would be a much wiser public policy.  Liberals, of course, would oppose this proposal as it makes sense, and we all know that common sense and liberals do not mix.

Preckwinkle’s proposed tax on ammunition and guns won’t make Chicago neighborhoods safer.  It’s more typical liberal feel good symbolism over common sense substance.

Liberal proposals never work and neither will Preckwinkle’s.

I say we add the word “Preckwinkle” to the dictionary. The definition could read; verb, to do stupid, counterproductive things. As in, “going Preckwinkle” as in throwing a cinderblock to a drowning person.

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