007’s Neutered Walther PPK Pistol

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I’ve always enjoyed Bond films, but in the new 007 movie ”Skyfall” James Bond is issued a Walther PPK with a “childproof” palmprint reading grips.

He was told:

“It’s been coded to your palmprint so only you can fire it. Less of a random killing machine, more of a personal statement.”

Funny, I thought 007 had a license to kill, not his issued firearm.  I take great offense this statement and detect an anti-gun political undertone with “random killing machine”.  Guns don’t kill, James Bond does.

Many LE agencies don’t even want a switchable safety on their sidearms because they know it takes more training and introduces mechanics fail, much less a “palm print” reading grip.  Wonder what happens when you need to use it with gloves on?

The PPK did save his life of course (like all Bond gadgets do), but it could have easily been written the other way.  I wonder how many times in 007 movies that another good character uses Bond’s gun to save his life.  It happened in Skyfall later on, luckily it wasn’t his neutered pistol that “M” picked up.

What are your thoughts?

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