Death Tax Robbery In Progress

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November 21, 2012
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November 25, 2012

My op-eds should begin with a Warning Label such as:  Danger! Warning! The following op-ed contains an overdose of glowing, perfect and undeniable common sense, truth and logic. Numbskulls read at your own risk.

I’d like to report a robbery in progress.  Again, that would be “in progress.”  The robbery is the Death Tax, the tax that steals good Americans savings and property after they are dead.

All you need to know about the character of a person is his or her opinion on the Death Tax.

If a person supports the Death Tax, chances are they voted for Obama, have never owned a business, don’t pay income taxes, get their “news” from Jon Stewart, David Letterman, CNN and Steven Cobert, and are economic dunces.  These mouth-breathing imbeciles are the reason the founding fathers believed in restricting the right to vote. By the way, in a Professor Nuge perfect world, only those Americans who own property and pay income taxes would be allowed to vote.  This would prevent the uninformed and those without any flesh in the game from forcing their left-wing brand of idiocy on those Americans who shoulder the entire burden and life support system for bloodsuckers everywhere.

If the person supports repealing the Death Tax, he or she is clearly a hard working, sacrificing, risk taking, productive asset to America, is probably a member of the minority of Americans who pays the majority of income taxes, and believes in rewarding the producers instead of punishing them. We are the good guys.

The Death Tax is targeted at dead successful people – the very people who when they were alive paid the majority of  the income taxes and had the audacity to live within their means and save something for their golden years and family.  Now that these successful people are dead, Fedzilla employs a vile antiAmerican taxation shakedown scam that would make uber shakedown con-artist, Jesse Jackson, blush with envy.

The Fedzilla shakedown Death Tax scam works like this:  Fedzilla taxes a huge chunk of the estate of the deceased successful person.  That’s after the successful person already paid taxes on that money when he or she was alive. If the mob organized such an unbelievable Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme, the Department of Justice would be climbing all over them.

But Congress and the IRS are immune from accountability when passing and implementing immoral, unethical, dangerous, and outright stupid, criminal laws that advocate robbing the rich and transferring their earnings to others who haven’t earned them, don’t deserve any of them and by any and all reasonable considerations, couldn’t possibly have any right to them.

In a little less than a month, the Death Tax rate may climb to as high as 55% with an exclusion rate of just one million dollars, meaning that Uncle Scam can legally rob a person’s estate of over half of their savings above one million dollars.  Currently, the robbery rate is 35% with an exclusion rate of five million dollars.

Uninformed left-wing cannibals of the American Dream support the Death Tax, as they have been taught to believe by the Democratic Lying Machine that wealthy Americans achieved their wealth by stealing it from others.

It is unbelievable that government officials can sleep well at night knowing that their thievery kills entrepreneurship, destroys family businesses and denies Americans the ability to pass on the rewards of their hard work to their families.  Only a John Dillinger-like political punk could support such blatant thievery.

Our political punks won’t kill the Death Tax because too few of them have the political guts to do what’s right, which is why tremendously wealthy Americans employ lawyers and accountants to do whatever is possible to keep Uncle Scam from robbing their estates.

The top ten percent of Americans already shoulder the vast amount of federal income taxes.  Raping these Americans again after they expire is the ultimate insult to the American Dream.

The Death Tax is nothing more than legalized robbery and the sodomizing of the hard earned American Dream. It punishes success instead of rewarding it. It should die a quick and well-deserved death.

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