“Top Shot” Approved Gifts for Younger Marksman Part 1

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November 23, 2012
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November 26, 2012

It’s the time of year we all go searching for the perfect presents for our loved ones.  As a marksman and outdoorsman, I highly recommend the following:

New Savage Rascal – $180
These new youth sized “Rascals” are loaded with quality and features that are going to put the “Cricket” out of business. They have an 11.25″ length of pull, no cocking bolt to challenge little hands, an easy feed ramp, easy to work bolt, peep sights and legendary Savage “Accu-trigger”. Plus, they are available in every color of the rainbow.  I’ve seen them sell as low as $129.  Full review here.
Chief AJ Slingshot – $18

This is the “Chief AJ” slingshot as seen on Top Shot season 1. I’ve grown to love its tapered easy pull target bands and the accuracy of point shooting as shown on the included DVD.

Cold Steel Sure Balance Thrower – $25

Throwing knives are a fun, challenging and addicting. It’s also a great social sport, where you can just pass the time talking and challenge each other. These are more dangerous than tomahawks because they have a tendency to bounce back, but only when thrown with poor form and too much strength.

Cold Steel Tomahawk – $40

When you have the correct form and distance, hawks throw themselves. I’ve taught 6 year old girls to throw these full sized hawks and stick them 2 out of 3 throws. They might be even more enjoyable then knives since they are more forgiving. I’ve seen grown men throw for over an hour at a time. And if you take care of your handles and don’t split it with another axe, they will hold up for thousands of throws.

Cold Steel Big Bore Blowgun – $25

This is another one of my favorites – a .625 caliber big boy blowgun. Not the puny .50 cal they sell in giftshops, but a mans blowgun you could actually hunt with. I’ve clocked the 10″ bamboo darts at speeds of 175 fps and popped balloons up to 30 yards away. They are even durable enough to use as a walking stick.

This is one of a several part blog, I’ll make sure to get equipment for your older “boys” too.  In the meantime you can see all the equipment we use at my Youth Marksmanship Camp here.

Part II – more ideas!

Ideas for the older Marksman

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