Gift Ideas for Marksmen Part II

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December 9, 2012
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December 10, 2012

Final list of gift ideas for the marksmen in your life.

Also be sure to check out the list for the young at heart marksmen.

Ammo – the only time you can ever have too much is when you are on fire or swimming. $10+

Ammo – the more the better.  If you don’t know what caliber just get a huge value box of 550 rounds of .22LR for about $20.  That will give them a reason to go shooting and maybe even bring you with them.  If you are getting something special I love searching through an ammo search engine for the best price at

Magazines ~ $15

Magazines, same as ammo.  If they have an AR they won’t ever say “but I already have a magazine”.  Hopefully you know of a certain rifle/pistol they would like another mag for, but if not, choose a good one and it will give them an excuse to buy the rest of the gun 😉

InTheRed Exploding Low Velocity Targets Use Promo Code "topshotdustin" for 15% off!
Exploding Targets – enough said. Use Promo Code “topshotdustin” for 15% off!  They even carry “low velocity” targets that will ignite with subsonic .22LR!


Next Level Training makes a unique training SIRT pistol that projects a laser beam.  This is very useful for dryfire training and diagnosing new shooters.  You can now “fire” unlimited rounds even with simulated magazine reloads and know how your shots would have hit.  Use “topshotdustin” promo code for a 10% discount!

Every marksman loves throwing knives and tomahawks.  Maybe you are handy enough to build them a target with these free plans.

Hog Wild Book OBR

Hog Wild by Chester Moore and Dustin’s LaRue OBR

Your outdoorsman would love the tips and tricks offered in Texas Fish and Game books.  My personal favorite is “Hog Wild” by Chester Moore.

Lasers add a very cool factor to handguns, and if you know your marksman’s sidearm of choice you can get custom grips for their favorite piece.  If you don’t know the exact model, the new Rail Master will fit most anything with a modern rail.

Quality eye protection is also a great gift, give them some WileyXs to be confident and proud of.  Changeable lenses will give them the option of their choice of tint.

We are now offering “Pray Hard, Shoot Straight” morale patches, decals and hats at

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