Gift Ideas for the Marksman – Part I

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December 5, 2012
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December 9, 2012

Another list of cool gift suggestions for the outdoorsmen and marksmen in your life:

Electronic Ear Protection $60+

Electronic Ear Protection is the way to go.  It’s more enjoyable and safer because you can be aware of your surroundings.  I prefer the 3m Peltor behind the head muffs because they are low profile and don’t interfere with headgear.

Elzetta Custom Engraved Flashlight – $200

Elzetta has proven itself to be the toughest and most dependable flashlight on the market.  There are others out there that will light up the night, but this is the one I will trust my life to no matter what.  They give a laser customization option to make it special forever.  While you are at it, pick up one of their solid flashlight mounts for your AR.

AR Parts – $3-$999

Everybody needs a good AR15.  If you can’t afford one from the gunshop, you can always build your own and transfer the firearm part (lower receiver) through an FFL.  In the meantime if you know they have been wishing for a “.223 bull barrel” or Geiselle SSA trigger, buy them a few parts to start the project.

Patriot Cases offers a high quality hard cases with excellent foam protection.  ”topshotdustin” will give you 30% off their precut hard case until 12-31-13 at 

Reloading Press Set – $105+

If you have a marksman in the family you know they spend lots of money on ammo.  Reloading doesn’t particularly save you money, they just allow you to shoot more.  But seriously, you save at least 30% by reloading.  You can start off with a kit by Lee for $105, RCBS for $287, or go for big volume for those pistol shooters with a Dillon 550 starting at $439.

Chief AJ Arrow Shooting Slingshot – $40

This 40# slingshot is not your childhood model.  This puppy comes with an arrow rest and legal to hunt large game in all 50 states.  Chief AJ even has a takedown arrow so you can pack it all away in a small pack and be ready anytime.  An excellent toy but also a serious weapon if need be.  You can check out the record page at and find that elk and moose have been taken with this slingshot with the 40# band.  Crazy cool stuff.

TX F&G Subscription $18

Chances are you are a faithful Texas Fish and Game reader, but are they?  For $17.95 you can give them the coolest Texas magazine.

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