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November 28, 2012
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Earlier I posted some gift ideas for the young marksman in your life and here is a few more ideas.

The Dangerous Book for Boys – $10

Boys need to be encouraged to grow into strong men, and we do this by allowing them to get dirty, tie knots, shoot guns, skin a squirrel and start a campfire.  This book will jumpstart that “dangerousness”.

IZH 61 Multishot Pellet Rifle – $99

I searched high and low for an affordable quality pellet rifle for my marksmanship camps and finally discovered the Russian made IZH 5 shot repeater.  It shoots a good target velocity of 400 fps, takes 5 shot clips, has an adjustable stock, has enough leverage for me to cock with only my pinky and even has an adjustable 2 stage trigger.  Use “NRA” for 10% off at Pyramid air in the link above.

Pro Ears ReVO Youth Ear Pro – $40-80

Getting your kids their own ear and eye pro will go along ways to teaching them to shoot safely. Pro Ears ReVO features high quality muffs in over a dozen styles and colors to find the perfect one your kids will love.  From pink to camo, red to zebra striped get them the best from the standard to the electronic option.

3M Peltor Youth Safety Glasses – $10

And to go with the ear pro get them youth sized 3M Peltor shooting glasses, $10 at Walmart.

Want to get them to get a kick out of shooting?  Let them blow stuff up “Top Shot” style!  InTheRedTargets ($30+) offers a low velocity binary target that will detonate even with subsonic .22 rimfire.  That will start off the New Year right!  Use “topshotdustin” for 30% off!

Gas Airsoft Pistol – $50+

Airsoft is the new paintball, but it’s also very useful in developing transferable marksmanship skills like trigger control.  Newer quality gas operated airsoft guns work just like a real pistol, even with blow back action.  They take inexpensive 6mm plastic BBs and are powered by refilling the magazines with liquid propane (like Coleman’s).  Use proper safety equipment when training.

“Pray Hard, Shoot Straight” Gear


And finally a plug for Camp His Way who still has “Top Shot” fangear available, also the Youth Marksmanship Camp will be booking shortly, sign up for the waiting list to see if there are any spots available.

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