The Perfection of Hound Music

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January 2, 2013
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January 6, 2013

Certain loud, intense natural sounds turn me on. Hell, I’ve made a very gratifying lifelong career out of various sonic bombast outrage, so maybe I’m just the guy to best articulate the perfection of raging hound-speak in the fury of canine battle.

Until you have scrambled maniacally to keep up with bellering hunting hounds during a crazed lion, bear, deer, coyote, fox or coon chase in the wild, you will never know exactly why God made these amazing animals. Those of us privileged and smart enough to be a part of this very special hound hunting celebration do indeed know, understand and cherish this phenomenal relationship with these incredible, natural born four legged hunters.

As pure and natural as gunning for birds with a trained pointer and or retriever, and just like running rabbits with beagles, pursuing game with hounds is faultless and wonderful and as natural as anything in life.

Their indefatigable dedication and tenacity to catch and bay their prey, and their Herculean stamina and miraculous gravity defying spirit is something to behold and deeply inspiring everytime. I’ve always thought of myself as the coonhound of guitar playing. At least I try.

So let us examine another mind dazzling display of terminal political correctness gone beyond the pale, where ignorant, anti-nature, anti-hunting disconnected wingbats have again succeeded in taking magnificent big game populations straight out of the thriving asset column and insanely forced them into the liability column in one fell swoop of denial riddled dishonesty.

Which brings us back to the Planet of the Apes, deep in the bizzarro world of, where else, California, where it is painfully apparent that in order to be a force to reckon with in that crazed state, one surely must trade in their soul for a mask of deceit and corruption when it comes to taxes, the 2nd Amendment and wildlife management.

People of goodwill, decency, accountability and logic have been scratching our heads in dismay at the California debacle for many years, and they just don’t seem to stop doing the dumbest things imaginable.

Having implemented the big lie of banning mountain lion hunting many years ago, saving no lions, but literally condemning billions of dollars’ worth of livestock and domestic animals to death and destruction in one of the most foolish displays of wildlife mismanagement and wasted tax dollars in the history of the world, only California could do themselves one better by banning the hunting of bears with hounds in 2012.

By any reasonable scrutiny, there is no possible winner in this mindless regulation. But beyond the obvious buffoonery, California bureaucrats didn’t really end the hunting of bears or lions with hounds. They only forbid “we the people” to do so, for both of these once highly desirable big game animals that generated incredible amounts of revenues and family hours of recreation for a bankrupt state in desperate need of such sensible resource utility, bears and lions are indeed still being killed on a regular basis with the proven effectiveness of hound hunting.

Only now, (drum roll please) gobs and gobs of tax dollars are being further wasted by paying so called government hunters to slaughter the surplus animals using the very methodologies forbidden by law, but universally admitted to be the best system to maintain balanced populations afterall.

PUNKED isn’t just a TV show, it’s a way of life in the land of nuts, fruits and zombie politicians.

Conservation, as we all know, is ultimately the “wise use” of natural resources. Sensible people are astonished that Nancy Pilosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Fienstien, Gavin Newsome, Jerry Brown and a growing gang of dangerous misfits can somehow scam the good citizens of California into such an irresponsible program of virtual disrespect and wonton waste.

One is driven to wonder if medical marijuana is simply legal, or mandatory.

Meanwhile, horror of horrors, the once great real western “hunting” state of Colorado is sadly following suit, and the United States of America continues her downward spiral at the hands of corrupt, power abusing, dangerously disconnected bureaucrats run amok.

As we painfully witness a nation bamboozled into voting for Barak Obama and his suicidal dismantling of The Last Best Place, it comes as no surprise that logic is increasingly tossed out the window, replaced by the destructo-derby of fantasy driven feel good policy making where responsibility and honesty is traded in for selfish comfort and protected ignorance at great cost.

What really breaks the hearts of hunters, real animal lovers and true conservationists everywhere, is the abject failure of so called professional wildlife managers, biologists and scientists in these game departments that refuse to speak up and bring a halt to the insanity.

Instead of courage, we see zombie like knee jerk compliance and enforcement of laws and regulations that these trained professionals know for certain are dead wrong and in total violation to their wildlife education and professional vows and pledges to the US Constitution.

This is not a slippery slope we have here. It is a sheer 90′ icy rock face.

Let this be a warning to good Americans everywhere. If we the people do not increase our activism and voice of reason, this kind of insanity will continue to chip away at the greatest quality of life and the most successful wildlife conservation model in the history of humankind. And that would be unforgivable.

Like the soulless hypocrites in our own hunting ranks that condemn the use of bait for hunting, but wouldn’t think twice about using a wormless hook when they fish, or the upland bird hunter who lives for his pointing dog but condemns the use of hounds for bears, lions and other game, the more intelligent amongst us had better get cracking, turn up the heat and do everything in our power to educate and fix those in our own sporting community to use their heads and stand united, or the scourge of corruption we see metastasizing across America will end up destroying conservation one crazy step at a time.

I for one will continue to turn up the heat. Call me crazy, call me radical, but just don’t call me when our grandkids have no place to hunt and no game to pursue. Every hunter and freedom lover in America and beyond should be a member of the National Rifle Association, and give away as many memberships as we possibly can to everyone we know throughout the year.

And of course we all know that this sacred experiment in self-government is not supposed to be a spectator sport, but rather a life and death battle-cry to make certain we continually direct our elected officials to do the right thing, and always demand real science, real logic and the US Constitution are the guiding forces for every decision and policy ever made in America.

I am on it. Are you?


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