Tuesday Tip: Eliminating the human factor

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January 18, 2013
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January 22, 2013

An element of my (Chester’s Moore’s) F.L.E.X. FIshing (R) system that will be detailed in further writing on specific species is eliminating what I call the “human factor”.

Big fish are super shy and tend to avoid anything that seems suspicious. In my quest to catch big bass in the field tests of F.L.E.X. I noticed that when using the live bait I was using, I would only catch the fish five pounds and larger in the private lake I was fishing if I threw it out, allowed a lot of slack in the line and let it sit there. The fish would gently tap the line and I would have to wait until it started running, still with lots of slack in the line and then reel it in to make a hookset.

That is with live bait and with lures it can be even more pronounced. I have gone to catching my very biggest trout in the fall months under birds by “dead sticking”, which is throwing out a soft plastic lure, letting it sit on the bottom and occasionally bumping it. The less I do, the more it seems the big fish feel safe striking.

Big fish want nothing to do with anything remotely human.

What is your experience with techniques like dead sticking?

Chester Moore

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