Tuesday Tip: Management equals big fish?

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January 24, 2013
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January 29, 2013

An area not managed for big fish will not consistently produce big fish. There is simply too much intelligent angling pressure out there to make this possible in most of the continental United States.

Take extreme southeastern Louisiana for example where there are lots of fish but not a whole lot of true giants due to a harvest of 25 trout per day in that region of the state.

If you go to southwestern Louisiana near Lake Calcasieu, anglers can only retain 15 and only two a day 25 inches or larger. This area is a big trout magnet.

This is similar to Lower Laguna Madre which cut the trout bag limit to 5 and has seen a huge rebound in mature fish putting it way over more pressured areas in Texas y for trophy fish. Any of the key water bodies for producing big fish will have a management principle in place love it or hate it.

What is your experience in fishing areas with special regulations?


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