2014 Silverado and GMC 1500 trucks show major differentiation

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January 30, 2013
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For the 2014 Silverado and GMC Sierra, GM has focused on differentiating the brands inside and out.  For both of the number two truck sales leaders’ there is a distinctly refreshed look and brings them into line with the Ford and Ram vehicles that have been style leaders in recent years.  Yes, I know that many truck buyers say that these vehicles are for function and work, but it is undeniable that, when push comes to shove, they also own up to the fact that comfort and styling, as well as infotainment features do play into their buying decisions.


Front view – Silverado 2014

GM has addressed the idea of fuel efficiency and quiet ride (where it has lagged behind some competitors) with its three new engine alternatives which I wrote about previously and I will reserve judgement on quiet, handling and performance until I have driven these.  

I am told that, with manufacturing beginning in April, I will have a chance for a behind-the-wheel turn in May.  I am looking forward to it.

GM has not released payload, towing, fuel efficiency or torque numbers to the media, and there are two ways that this can be construed.  On one side they could be playing it close to the vest with numbers that will blow the market away.  (With Toyota also bringing a 2014 Tundra to the market next week, it could also be a way to hone competitive advantage after they see what the new entry is boasting.  The other explanation is that GM is taking every opportunity to fine tune the transmission and power plant to get every fraction of mpg or capacity out to the Silverado or Sierra.  We will never know which scenario is true, but I am hoping that they will really impress truck buyers with impressive stats and drivability.

I did take the opportunity at the Houston Show to shoot a few casual shots to demonstrate the differences between Sierra and Silverado.  Here is a mini-gallery to keep you interested until the real thing is available.   

For now, here is a brief tour of the features designed to differentiate between Chevy and GMC on these new models.  The photos shown were taken about a week ago at the Houston Auto Show, my first chance to proverbially kick the tires and check out styling, fabric and finishes.  There were some limitations since these were pre-production vehicles, but it is clear that they will continue to please GM truck lovers, and will — perhaps — bring other prospects back into the showroom once the trucks can be purchased.

Rear view — 2014 Silverado Rear view — Sierra 2014

Different rear lighting, bumper fascia design (while it is hard to see, it is sort of odd that the Silverado is almost all chrome while the Sierra has a large lower molded plastic part but maybe it is designed to create a lower profile perspective.)

On the interior, the Sierra is all luxury while the Silverado may be a bit more business.  Tough to say at this time since, as with all shows, it the preview vehicles are loaded.  Excellent and considerable wood detailing on the Sierra does set it apart.   

2014 Silverado

 And the Sierr

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