The Coolest New Boat in Miami

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February 18, 2013
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February 24, 2013

The Miami International Boat Show took place this past week, and there were literally thousands of boats on display, including three hot new fishboats we talked about a couple of weeks ago. But my favorite from the show wasn’t among these. In fact, it didn’t have a fishfinder, a cooler, or even a single rodholder. Bear with me a while, folks… because you’re going to LOVE this thing!

The coolest boat was, in fact, not even entirely a boat. Actually, it’s a quad. And a boat. It’s sort of a Jet-ski, too. Or, maybe it’s a boat-quad-ski thingie. It all depends on how you look at things. But any way you think about it, the new Gibbs Quadski is uber-awesome.

Wanna go for a ride? Me, too – the Gibbs Quadski is rockin’!

This multi-personality vehicle comes to us from the same company that manufactured the Gibbs Aquadica (which made our list of the Three Wackiest Boats in the World), a road-ready car which you could drive right into the water, then turn into a boat at the press of a button. And the concept is the same. You can zip through the woods, across a field, and into the marsh, then press a button and in seconds the wheels pull back and power from the 175-hp BMW Motorrad engine is diverted from the drive train to the jet drive. Top-end is around 45-mph, both on land and on the water.

Two other features make the Quadski even better: first off, it’s built right here in the good ‘ol US of A, in a manufacturing plant in Michigan. Secondly, it’s list price of $40,000 is really pretty dang reasonable, when you think about it. Usually, you’d have to spend more than twice as much to get something with a cool-factor this huge. So despite being surrounded by fishboats of all types and sizes, million-dollar yachts, and just about every type of motorized water-toy on the planet, my personal pick for the coolest boat in Miami is without a doubt the Aquadica. Now, if only I could afford one of my own…


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