Tuesday Tip: Seaonality and BIG fish

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February 17, 2013
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A few points on seasonality and trophy fish.

  1. Fish are driven by a variety of seasonal urges and timing in particular areas that can literally enhance the chance of catching monster fish tenfold.
  2. Probably the greatest example is with redfish. The huge spawning-sized specimens congregate in the nearshore Gulf in late summer and early fall in large numbers. There will sometimes be literal acres of them. By targeting these areas during the spawn period the chances of catching the fish of a liftetime are off the charts.
  3. The same goes for largemouth bass spawning in the spring, flounder migrating in spring and out in fall and other migration and breeding rituals of fish. Fish tend to be more vulnerable during these times.

What is your experience targeting fish during these special seasons?


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