Ultimate Flashlight Torture Test – Elzetta Thrown Out of a Chopper [video]

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February 24, 2013
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March 1, 2013

You’ve probably seen me post good things about Elzetta Design’s Flashlights in the past.  They are one of the most reliable, rugged and durable lights I’ve ever had.  So much in fact I decided to throw my personal laser engraved 3-cell ZFL-M60 out of a helicopter this past week while I was hunting hogs with Cedar Ridge Aviation.

Results: Flashlight: 2; Concrete/Dirt: 0

Elzetta Concrete

The Elzetta Flashlight Damaged the Concrete

That’s right, from 300′ onto dirt and it just got a little dirty but worked just fine.  So we decided to knock all the dirt off by dropping it again, this time onto concrete.  At first I thought I messed something up, but after I fooled with it I got light.  I took it apart and found the problem: the batteries were damaged.  So I just changed the battery stack order for better connectivity and it ran just as good as new!

My apologies to Cedar Ridge for damaging their concrete.

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