Tuesday Tip: Topwater trout hookset

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March 18, 2013
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Many of the largest speckled trout simply suck down Spooks, Top Dogs and other mullet imitating surface lures with a trademark “slurp” sound.

Retired Sabine Lake guide Skip James said big trout tackle topwaters with confidence.

“It’s almost as if those really big specks know they don’t have to go up and slam the lure with full fury. They simply approach carefully and slurp it down. They don’t always hit this way but many of the big ones I have caught have,” James said.

James said anglers unfamiliar with the intricacies of trout fishing can mistake this kind of action for small trout.

“Some people think it is a small trout because there is not the big blowup and they aren’t careful. You really need to let the fish have it a second and make a long, sweeping hookset without pulling the plug of the fish’s mouth. Many anglers jump the gun and pull the plug away from the biggest trout of their lives,” he added.

How long do you wait before setting the hook on topwater trout?

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