Tuesdsay Tip: Pressure and Trophy Fish

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March 3, 2013
Death in the Darkness
March 6, 2013

Pressure is a hugely overlooked aspect of catching trophy-sized fish of any variety.

Nowadays it is rare to find a water body that produces lots of big fish that is lightly pressured. In the information age, people find out about big catches in real time and respond accordingly. Sam Rayburn gets a lot of pressure but the open water areas of main lake cover do not. The shorelines get beat up but quite often the areas where the biggest bass dwell get very very little.

A dream scenario is a water body that gets very little angling pressure and fishing a kind of location that gets even less. I fish a stretch of distant bayou in the Louisiana marsh for flounder and rarely see other anglers. Even fewer are targeting the deeper cuts I focus on and it in turn produces lots of big fish. These places are super rare but special.

What are your experiences fishing highly pressured vs. lightly pressured areas?


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