The Most Untrustworthy Man in America

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April 22, 2013
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April 24, 2013

The reason both republican and democrat senators defeated the gun background check legislation scam that President Obama tried to jam down America’s throat is because the legislation was unreasonable and would not protect Americans from bug-eyed lunatics and recidivist street rats. Period.

Another very powerful reason why so many gun owners exercised our first Amendment rights to safeguard our 2nd Amendment rights by intensifying our we the people communication with our elected employees in the senate to oppose this legislation is because more and more Americans simply don’t trust President Obama when it comes to guns, or much else for that matter.

We believe the president is willfully lying when he claims how he respects the 2nd Amendment.  His ongoing scams regarding guns, so-called assault weapons, conceal carry, standard capacity magazines, and his obsession with oath violating infringements do not bode well for Mr. Obama.

As such, gun owners are extremely leery of any so-called “reasonable” gun control measures supported by Mr. Obama.  Once bitten, twice shy.

The president has a problem with telling the truth.  In addition to guns, the president has also lied about taxes, the true cost of Obamacare, Benghazi, his prior involvement with ACORN, his promise to cut the deficit in half, Fast & Furious, and his relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers, to just name a few ice burg tips on his vast territory of ice.

There is zero reason for gun owners or other Americans interested in freedom to believe Mr. Obama.  Mr. Obama has a trustworthyness problem with an ever increasing number of the American people.  We don’t believe him.

The bold truth is that the NRA and many other gun owners and gun advocate organizations have long pushed for stiffer prison sentences for those punks who commit violent crimes with or without guns and for keeping guns out of the hands of lunatics.

Another bold truth is that since Mr. Obama took office, prosecution of federal gun crimes is down 40% or more.  If the president and his Department of Justice don’t care about prosecuting glaring federal gun law violators, how the hell can the president claim he supports “reasonable” gun control measures when he and his Fast & Furious gun-running Attorney General are intentionally dropping the ball on prosecuting federal gun crimes?

Another bold truth is this:  gun control laws, of which there are an estimated 20,000 local, state and federal laws, are primarily directed at law-abiding gun owners who haven’t and won’t ever commit crimes.

Punishing the 99.999 percent of law-abiding Americans for the loony and violent acts of an extreme minority is something that only Fedzilla can devise, promote and implement.  That’s upside down, inside out, ultra-gonzo bizzaro anti-logic.

Reasonable people can have reasonable differences.  During his press conference about the senate defeating the background check scam, Mr. Obama threw an arrogant, very non-presidential temper tantrum and lectured those who simply believe different than him.  He was far from reasonable or presidential.  He was embarrassing.

Instead of advocating more unnecessary gun control restrictions on good Americans, the president would have garnered support from many gun owners had he pushed for more crime control and mental health measures.

But that’s not what makes him tick.  Truth is, the president despises the 2nd Amendment, hates the NRA, and believes guns, not criminals and psychos, are to blame for the carnage in America.

The president is going to have an extraordinarily tough time getting any new gun restriction measures passed.  As far as guns go, the president is a very lame duck.

More truth:  Most Americans and I will oppose any gun control measures endorsed by the president regardless how many times he bastardizes the word “reasonable.”  I don’t believe a word he says about guns, or much else for that matter. The president of the United States is no Saul Alinsky, but he’s sure trying his best to be, and we don’t like it.


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