Truck Trend spoofs F-150 for April Fool’s Day

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I love Truck Trend magazine.  It’s writers and editors are professionals and they know what they are talking about, but are always far and equitable.  That said, their Facebook post today was undoubtedly one of the best vehicle-related pranks that I can recall; and I am really, really old.

On its website, the headline read: “Shock: Ford F-150 Going Unibody for 2015; V-8 Raptor ruled out“.  Illustrated with a spy shot, the copy went on to say that Ford would go to an aluminum unibody instead of a ladder frame for 2015.  It noted that the Atlas concept, revealed recently, was never intended to be built using the current “F-150 construction to save cost and conserve resourses.”

The unnamed source was said to have said that V-8 engines and a Raptor had been ruled out, noting that “The Eco-Boost V-6 has proven that V-8s are an unnecessary relic, so the ability to fit a V-8 was taken out late in development.  It goes on and on, and states that Ford spokesman Mike Levine was unavailable for comment.  (Mike Levine is the communications guy for Ford Truck, and was a former staffer at Truck Trend before making his leap across the desk.)

I can’t possibly quote the entire piece but it references that lower payloads and tow capacities were achieved, and compares its performance with a Honda Ridgeline as opposed to its traditional competitors.

I can only say that it is well worth checking the post out on Truck Trends website.  It ends with a question:  “What do you think: is Ford right to make the change, have the people in Dearborn completely lost the plot, or is this simply an elaborate April Fool’s joke?”

The article ends with a question

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