Tuesday Tip: Seagrass Reds

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April 10, 2013
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April 12, 2013

During spring and summer, reds along the middle will be feeding in seagrass beds in Aransas and Redfish Bays. Some of these areas are off limits to boats with propellers but those in which anglers can fish without restrictions are best fished with live bait. A live croaker or mullet pitched in the sand holes between the grass pockets is a surefire way to score on reds.

“I don’t fish with live bait much but throwing a croaker or mullet in those pockets is a great way to catch reds,” said. Capt. Bobby Caskey of Shoal Grass Lodge.

Caskey’s preferred method is drifting with artificals like Gulp Shrimp.

“Gulp works just as well as the real thing when you’re drifting and stay on the hook great. The reds love the shrimp and the crab as well,” Caskey said.

What is your favorite Gulp for redfish?

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