Tuesday Tip: Wind from the north fish do not go forth?

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April 21, 2013
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April 24, 2013

“Wind from the north fish do not go forth?”

There are no historical references but a north wind often comes with a cold front and the first day after a big front usually brings in high barometric pressure, which in turn gives fish lockjaw.

Barometric pressure is the probably the least understood aspect of fishing and it is one I am continually exploring. High pressure puts strain on fish and typically makes them bit finicky and sometimes not at all. Pressure that is falling or is on a downward trend means a strong bite.

That is why the day immediately following fronts is beautiful (clear skies with high pressure) but the fishing is sub par. Some suggest pressure over 30.20 is too high and if it gets below 29.80 things can get a little shaky. If it is above 30 and falling you have ideal conditions. Remember if you are fishing high-pressure days, use light line, small lures and be ready for a soft bite.

While these signs certainly lead to lackluster fishing, we sometimes have no other option but to fish. By keeping a positive attitude and working around negative circumstances we can make the best out of the absolute worst the coast has to offer.

What is your experience fishing on high pressure days?

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