3D Printed Pistol Upsets Anti-Gunners [video]

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May 6, 2013
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May 8, 2013

For a few months now 3D printed firearm parts have been freaking out the anti gunners.

It began with an AR15 lower capable of firing a few rounds of .22LR before breaking.  Then it evolved into the ability to manufacture standard capacity magazines. After that they successfully fabricated an AR lower that passed a 600 round test.

Now Defense Distributive in Austin have fabricated a nearly completely 3D printed .22 pistol that uses a nail as a firing pin.  When I first saw the image I thought the perfect name for it would be “The Liberator” fashioned after the WWII .45ACP airdropped pistols given to the resistance behind enemy lines.  Turns out that is the actual name.

The Original Liberator Pistol – WWII The 3D Plastic Liberator
(Photo Courtesy of Forbes) 3D Liberator’s Parts

Watch the 3D Printed Pistol in action:

And below you can watch Senator Schumer getting his panties in a knot because of “undetectable guns!” (funny – didn’t they say the same thing about Glocks?).

And how he want’s to make this illegal (because bad guys won’t do it if it’s illegal right?).

Further, count how many times he mentions the First Amendment yet seems clueless on the Second.

Also – take into account how difficult it is to find ammo these days…


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