The New Thought Police

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May 8, 2013
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May 8, 2013

I am offended by those who are offended. Well, not actually offended, more like embarrassed for them and their soulless pettiness.

America is a country bursting at the seams with individuals, special interest groups, and others actively scanning the environment and looking for ridiculous ways to be offended and then to push their anti-freedom agendas.

The offended crowd seemingly monitors every action or spoken word by anyone, especially those in the public eye, and then launches attacks against anyone who dares swim against the tide of their offended sensibilities, anti-freedom interests, and socialist agendas.

Those who claim to be offended do their best to try to silence those with whom they disagree. They squawk loudly, whine, condemn, make false accusations and blather on relentlessly.  Muzzling, even hurting those with whom they disagree is the goal.

The genesis for this feel-good nonsense was born of the scourge of political correctness, which is a euphemism for brain-dead.

Political correctness is culture rot, as its goal is to not only stifle speech and debate, but to reprogram people to speak and act in ways so as to not “offend” anyone.

Meet Mr. Deadend Brickwall.  I not only don’t but won’t and have never given an inch to the politically correct stooges and their braindead Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals scam. Instead I smoke the Alinsky punks out and then intellectually eviscerate their shallow sensibilities and even shallower socialist agendas with facts, logic, evidence and good old American common sense. And I win everytime.

The dopers hate perfection. They hate me for eating venison, the purest, most natural, environmentally beneficial anti-carbon footprint nutrition known to man. They viciously hate me for promoting self defense and good winning over evil. I was hatefully attacked for simply accepting an invitation to attend the State of the Union address.  The left-wing blogs went berserk, so I heard, which caused my dogs and arsenal of guitars to howl uncontrollably in delight.  Think of it: I merely show up and it drives stooges batty.  If that’s not the apex of perfection, what is?

There isn’t a left-wing group that hasn’t attacked me at some point for simply going about my wonderful life and saying and doing what a free man is supposed to say and do:  speak his or her mind and participate in this grand experiment in self-government.

It isn’t just people like me that the thought police goons attack, it’s our children as well.  Reprogramming America’s children is the real prize of the politically correct goon squads.

A thirteen year-old young guy was told by his school principal at South Jones Elementary School in Ellisville, Mississippi to turn his United States Marines Corp t-shirt inside out because the principal found the shirt offensive.

The shirt showed a picture of the USMC bulldog. The young man had been given the t-shirt by his brother who is a Marine serving in Afghanistan.

Another 14-year-old young guy who goes to school at Genoa-Kingston Middle School in Genoa, Illinois was threatened with suspension by his teacher unless he turned his USMC t-shirt inside out.  Reason:  the kid’s shirt had a picture of crossed rifles on the front with the word “Marine” on it.  You know, the tools and heroes that provide freedom. Planet of the Apes, take two.

Of course this is lunacy, as is all political correctness.  What is even loonier is that the new PC thought police are out in full force in our public schools.

These NEA-endorsed teachers and administrators want to mold our young people in their own weird image, which in my opinion is born of their socialist, left-wing ideology.  Political correctness was not born of limited government, pro-freedom activists.

Parents need to have their radar’s fine tuned in to the goings-on at their children’s school, as our children are being slowing brainwashed into an image that is dangerous and anti-American.  Our kids are the prize.

Political correctness is a curse, a public cancer that rots freedom and replaces it with socialism.

Stand firm. Fight back. Be creative. Be offended. Attend school board meetings. Crush idiocy.  Remain engaged. Stop the goons. It’s our job.


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