Tuesday Tip: Trout and docked rigs

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May 8, 2013
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May 15, 2013

The oil rigs docked in ship channels all along the coast are loaded with specks during the summer. The best fishing is at night under green fishing lights and the best part is you can beat the heat.

Proper boat positioning is crucial for success at any rig. Position the boat at the corner of the down current side if possible. If the seas are not choppy, consider hooking up as close to the structure as you can safely. Game fish like speckled trout bond to the structure. My best advice for choppy waters is to get as close to the rig as possible with the bow facing into the current.

Once you are hooked up, put out a couple of green lights to lure in the trout. Rig trout that will eagerly take offerings of live bait as well as soft plastics and small, silver spoons. The key is to fish when the water is clear. If it is sandy green or even gin clear there will likely be trout there to catch, but if the waters are murky chances are the fishing action will be poor.

What is your experience fishing docked rigs?



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