Will Dustin be a Competitor on Top Shot All Stars?

Top Shot Season 5 Announced – “ALL STARS” [video]
May 1, 2013
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May 3, 2013

History just announced the air date of Top Shot Season 5 “All Stars” and many folks have shown their support for me in hopes to see me shoot in the competition again.

On the set of Top Shot All Stars

But as you can see from the “sneak peak” and the website that I’m not listed as a competitor.  One of the reasons for this is when I was called and invited to participate I had to tell Top Shot that I couldn’t make it do to it overlapping with our summer camp schedule at Camp His Way.  But all of us winners from the past season will get to be involved in some form this season.  Perhaps we can even get a hold of a few guns ourselves.  You will have to wait and watch to figure that one out.

Nevertheless it ought to be a great season to watch!  They have brought back several talented shooters from the previous seasons, revisited some amazing challenges, and dispensed with the drama of the “Nomination Range” in exchange for a “Redemption” shoot out.  Stay tuned for the premier on May 29th.

The cast of Top Shot 5

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