Another info leak: Ram to offer 6.4 Hemi with air suspension on 2014 heavy duty trucks?

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There are so many leaks in auto media that we might as well be in Washington.  This is the season for lots of news — uncertified by truck makers, but often accurate — since 2015 camouflaged test vehicles are being put through their paces and we are getting close to some 2014 reveals.  Out of respect for Ram I followed the headline with a question mark, but I suspect it was not needed.

Ram 2500 and 3500 headed for Moore, OK loaded with relief supplies and Chrysler employees committed to help.

Among the most frequently heard is that for 2014 Ram Heavy Duty will feature a 6.4L Hemi engine.  It is likely that this is a trumer (that’s a true rumor) since a similar engine is currently available on some Chrysler SRT vehicles.  The trucks would feature air suspension,also.

There is a circuitous path to the story and it must be shared and credited.  I read about it on Torque News which credits it to a member of the Allpar site who stumbled across an electrononic copy of the Ram HD 2014 owners manual with a section on a 6.4L Hemi V-8.  I am told that it is no longer on the site, and I understand exactly why it found its way to the digisphere.

Not many months ago, before there was a 2014 Chevy Silverado in the near future, I did my usual scan of the media web site and saw a menu item for the upcoming vehicle.  I clicked on to the site and there was a press release that reflects everything I have seen/driven with the Silverado.  Foolish me, I didn’t print it off and it was gone before I could make any notes but it did shake up the Chevy communications group when I mentioned it.

It seems as though content developers sometimes have a bad habit of developing new content on the live site.  Once they realize what they have done, they get off-line fast since virtually all of this information is embargoed for us nosy reporters.

Here, with a tip of my Stetson to Torque News, Patric Rall (who wrote the story) and Allpar is what has been talked about online:

  • This engine is a more powerful engine than the 5.7L Hemi with a lower cost to the consumer than the very powerful Cummins Turbo Diesel currently being offered (currently as the standard) for 2500 and 3500 models.  Option or standard? Haven’t a clue.
  • It is expected, according to my sources, that it could be the “base” engine for the Ram 4500 chassis cab, now only available with the Cummins

I will try to find out more later this month when I will be with Chrysler at their proving grounds in Chelsea, Michigan, where some 2014 vehicles will be previewed — many with embargo dates — and I will also be hoping to drive the announced Ram 1500 diesel.  It’s always a surprise.


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